Here’s The Entire Facebook Data Scandal From 2007 To 2018 – Shocking Revelations

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Facebook nowadays has become the talk of the town and it’s not for the good reasons. This platform with more than 5 million users worldwide is in news for its Data leak scam or Facebook data scandal. After India’s warning to Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg apologizing for the same, new matters are coming out every day.

Facebook data scandal

Cambridge Analytical’s previous employee and now Whistle Blower Christopher Boyle has yet again proved the power of social media to give rise to Fake News. Continuous fall in the Shares of Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg still coming forward and apologizing for the same arises a lot of questions. First of it being ‘Did Mark Zuckerberg had this idea that Data of Facebook’s users is in Wrong Hands? ‘And the Second one being ‘Why the CEO of Facebook realized their mistakes and Apologised in the snap of fingers?’

When we look forward to these questions it looks like Mark Zuckerberg had an idea that this matter will not go silent so easily. That is because on 4th of January 2018 Mark Zuckerberg posted about his New Year’s Resolution in which he briefly talked about “Self Correction and making all the mistakes of Facebook Right.” And now when the matter of Facebook data scandal came forward, Facebook is working forward to make it a Safe and Sound platform again.


Reporters Are Saying That They Had A Fair Idea Of What Was Going On Facebook’s Popularity

Facebook in trouble

Facebook made changes to its Privacy Policies in 2015 through which they banned Third party inclination. But according to The Guardian, the matter went out of hands before this. They said that Facebook knew about this mismanagement a long while back.


Talking About Self Improvement


Mark Zuckerberg briefly talks about self-improvement and making all the things right that went wrong over all these years. “I can’t stop all that is going wrong but I know there has been a wrong use of our Policies and Tools. If 2018 is good for us then I will surely be able to make these things right.” Now that gives a healthy idea that Mark Zuckerberg knew that something bad is going on and he cannot keep it hidden for very long.


What Happened In These 12 Years Since 2007 To 2018

Facebook shared data with Cambridge Analytica


1. Leaking Of User’s Data Begin In 2007

Facebook developed a platform for the Third-Party developers in 2007. Whenever Users accessed these apps, the third-party developers were able to access the Data of users and their Personal Information.

In 2013 Alexander Kogen from Cambridge University developed an app named ‘This is Your Digital Life.’ This app was downloaded by over 70,000 users. This gave access to the User’s personal data and friend list to Kogen and Developers.