Facebook, Whatsapp, And Twitter Appoints Grievance Officer; This Is How Users Can Complaint

New IT Rules Grievance Officer Social Media

The New Cyber Information Technology (IT) rules are applied on all social media platforms in the country. It is mandatory to keep the Grievance Officer on the social media platform. Facebook, Whatsapp, and Twitter have appointed grievance officers.


The New Cyber Information Technology Rules

Social Media

The central government directed the social media platforms to mandatory appoint a grievance office who shall register complaints within 24 hours. The Centre issued guidelines for regulating social media platforms and OTT streaming services and establishing a “ soft touch progressive institutional mechanism with level playing field” featuring a Code of Ethics and a three-tier grievance redressal framework. Whatsapp and Twitter have already made the joining of the Grievance Officers. According to the new rule of Cyber Information Technology, all those social platforms having more than 5 million users will have to appoint a grievance officer, a nodal officer, and a chief compliance officer. All of them be residents of India.


Grievance Officers Will Be Hired

It is necessary to appoint an officer for redressal of complaints of the users, according to the IT Act 2000. Many companies like Facebook, Go Air, Paytm, Jio mobile, Flipkart, HDFC Bank have hired Grievance officers for this work.


Responsibilities Of Grievance Officer

  • Inappropriate or offensive content is to be removed within 36 hours of a complaint by the user.
  • Confirmation of the receipt regarding the complaint has to be done within 24 hours.
  • Redressal of the complaint has to be done within 15 days.
  • Content like pornography and nudity has to be removed within 24 hours.

Now the user has to be aware. Whenever one sees any fake content, it should be reported to the Grievance Officer.  Such news can be controlled with the help of a grievance officer.

This is how users can complain about social media platforms.


For Complaint On WhatsApp

Whatsapp Mistakes

According to the WhatsApp blog, Indian users can complain to the Grievance Officer regarding WhatsApp’s terms, payment, and other questions. For this user have to follow the process:

Settings >Help> Contact Us Settings >Payments >Help settings> Payments> Payments history >Transaction Details >Help, or payment messages >Transaction Details, or call 1800-212-8552 (7:00 AM to 8:00 PM)

You can also send your complaint to the Grievance office through the post. The address is

Paresh B Lal
WhatsApp (Grievance Officer)
Post Box No. 56
Road No-1, Banjara Hills
Hyderabad- 500 034
Telangana, India


For Complain On Twitter


Users can go to and enter their name and email address. After this, you can register your complaint. Or you can mail it to [email protected]. Users can also send a complaint to the grievance officer by post.

Dharmendra Chatur
4th floor, The Estate
121, Dickenson Road
Bangalore – 560 042
Karnataka, India


For Complaint On Facebook


Users can register their complaints by selecting the questions given here by visiting the link Users can also email their complaints at [email protected]. Users can also register their complaints in India and America through the post.

Supply Priya
216 Okhla Industrial Estate, Page III
New Delhi -110020


Julie Duvall
FACEBOOK Inc. (grievance officer)
1 Hacker Way, Menlo Park,
CA 94025, USA
Email: svc- [email protected]


For Complaint On Google

Sunadar Pichai Google Assistant Demo

There are many ways of contacting Google for removing content, giving notice to Google Pay, or other services. If you want to complain Bout YouTube, then go to the page.

For Google Pay, visit

You can register a complaint by calling the customer care number 1800-419-0157.

What do you think about the decision of the Central Government on appointing a Grievance Officer? Let us know in the comment section below.

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