10 Moments Of Sourav Ganguly That Proves Why He Is The Fearless King Of Cricket

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A former all-rounder cricketer and Indian captain, Sourav Ganguly has made his name in the history of cricket. Sourav Ganguly was one of the brave and wittiest cricketers in and out of the stadium. Everyone is a fan of Dada’s humorous and savage replies. Sourav Ganguly was known for speaking his mind freely. Here are some of the moments when Ganguly proves himself as the king of Indian cricket.


Ganguly Vs Nasser Hussain

When Nasser Hussain once poked at India’s football performance on the international stage, Ganguly was the one blowing everyone’s mind with his savage reply.

Naseer: “when can I see India in the FIFA World Cup?”

Ganguly: “If India has played football for 50 years, then we could have qualified for the finals at least once.”


Ganguly vs Ravi Shastri

Sourav at Eden Gardens

Everyone knows Ganguly and Ravi Shastri targeted each other many times. One of the controversies between them came to the limelight on the particular discussion about the state’s stadium being named after famous players. Shastri takes a dig at Ganguly but failed to do so.

Ravi Shastri in Eden Garden, Kolkata: “Is there a Ganguly pavilion or Ganguly stand in Eden Gardens?”

Sourav Ganguly: “The ground belongs to Ganguly, Ravi.”


Ganguly vs. Pakistan

Popular Indian Cricketers

Pakistan launched a ‘Mauka Mauka’add. Ganguly was the first one to troll Pakistan, which went viral. His reply will blow your mind.

Harsha: Have you seen new Mauka Mauka ad?

Sourav Ganguly: Yes, I have seen that ad, and this ad will remain the same for the next 10 to 12 years because Pakistan will never beat India in the world Cup.

Guess what? Ganguly predicted it correctly.


Ganguly vs. Geoffrey Boycott

Sourav Ganguly Natwest Final

Once boycott, Geoffrey tried to pull Ganguly’s leg based on his famous match-winning, jersey-less celebration but failed miserably.

Boycott: You must mention your experience about taking your jersey off and flying it in the air at the Mecca of Cricket: Lord’s!Oh, you naughty boy!”
Ganguly: “One of your boys also took off his jersey here in Mumbai.”
Boycott: “yeah, but Lord’s is the Mecca of cricket.”
Ganguly; “Lord is your Mecca, and Wankhede is ours.”


Ganguly vs. Greg Chappell

Sourav Ganguly Greg Chappell

When a journalist asked Ganguly about Greg Chappell’s apology, Ganguly gave a savage reply and the most ruthless one.

Rajdeep Sardesai: “Does Greg Chappell owe an apology to Indian Cricket? To Sachin Tendulkar, Sourav Ganguly, and to Dravid?”

Sourav Ganguly: He can call up Sachin or Dravid but dare not dial my number. If he is hearing this on TV, he dare not call Sourav Ganguly.


Ganguly vs. Steve Waugh

Sourav Ganguly Steve Waugh Toss

Ganguly intentionally reached late for a toss during Australia’s tour of India in 2001, making Steve Waugh wait on the field. The reason is the Australian coach John Buchanan when he aggressively asked Srinath why he was coming out of the field at the time of one of his matches. Ganguly revenged it on behalf of his teammate.


Ganguly vs. Ricky Ponting

Michael Clarke informed that Ganguly murmured ‘head-tail during the toss, and by the time Ricky Ponting acknowledge it, Ganguly picked up the coin, and said India will bat first, and went back. To everyone’s surprise, India did bat first.


Ganguly ‘Motivation To His Teammates’

Ganguly sehwag

Ganguly made Virender Sehwag open for team India; this is the moment when everyone witnessed Sehwag’s brilliant innings.


Ganguly Used To Appreciate His Teammates A Lot

Sourav Sachin

During the captaincy of Ganguly, team India encompasses a lot of gentlemen cricketers. Ganguly recognized that and used to appreciate the teammates. Sachin Tendulkar once got hit by Shoaib Akhtar’s bowling. However, Ganguly was there to cheer up Sachin, and he said, “Tu Champion Hai.”

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