These WhatsApp Mistakes You Should Avoid To Keep Your Information Safe

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There are many apps available in android and iPhone for chatting. Among them, WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging app used by billions of people every day. It has made communication easier. From youth to old and even children use this messaging platform. WhatsApp is very useful for sending messages, photos, videos, documents, and even video calling.

Whatsapp Mistakes

Most of the time we also share vital information through these apps and the main thing we forget is about the security and safety of our information. Let us check some of the WhatsApp mistakes that we should avoid; to keep our information safe.


1. Don’t Include Everyone In Your WhatsApp Account

Most of the time we save the contacts that are not used for long. Try to update your contacts frequently and delete the numbers that are no longer required. This will update your WhatsApp contacts as well.


2. Use Two-Step Verification

Always use an extra layer of security to prevent yourself from any fraudulent activities. The two-step verification will save you from being a victim. This step will also help you to track if someone is setting up your WhatsApp account from any other device.


3. Stop Media Auto-Download

Most people do this mistake. They keep Media auto-download ON. This downloads all the images and the videos from all the contacts and the groups automatically that fills up your storage. Disable this setting and download only those images and videos that you actually want to save.


4. Do Not Join Groups With Unknown People

Always avoid doing this mistake. Never join groups from the random people with the group-invites link. This will open your number to every member of the group whom you do not even know. Your privacy is in your hands.


5. Do Not Click On Random Links

Most of the time we receive the message that there is an offer for you, gift for you, click on the link below. We suggest, never do that. Do not click on random links because honestly, nothing is free.


6. Do Not Share Your Status Updates With All

This is also the mistake many people do. When we share status, make sure to check your privacy setting and update the Status settings to specific people to whom you want to share with. This will help you to avoid those people with whom you do not want to see your status.


7. Stop Pop Up Messages

Most of the time it happens that we are sitting with a group of people and suddenly our mobile’s screen get a pop up and a message flash on the screen. This can put your privacy at risk. You should disable this feature to avoid your personal message leak.


8. Don’t Forward Messages If You Are Not Sure

Do not forward the messages that you are unsure of. Most of the time the news is fake and fake news spread quickly and can create issues. Always check your messages before forwarding.


9. Not Understanding Message Properly

Things might happen that you might not understand what actually the other person is saying. Because in-person face to face talk can let you see the emotions, but in messages, the emotions are not there. So try to understand the emotions behind the messages and understand the message properly.


10. Don’t Use WhatsApp Web On A Public Computer

If you are not aware, you can use WhatsApp on the web as well. But make sure you use WhatsApp web on a personal desktop or laptop. Using WhatsApp web on a public computer can risk your privacy. Always untick Keep me signed in option and log out from the devices once done.

These are the basic Whatsapp mistakes that we all should avoid to keep our information safe. Also, check out various WhatsApp tricks you might not be aware of.

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Praneet Samaiya
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