Mind Blowing Facts About Eyes That You Must Know


Every part of the body is equally important but eyes gained the first position. There is a proverb saying…”Sarvendriyanam Nayanam Pradanam” which means, of all the other body parts, eyes are the most important ones. To understand people, you need to observe with eyes only.

In Mahabharata, King Dhritarashtra failed to bring up his sons in a proper way, failed to rule the kingdom properly as he was unaware of his surroundings due to blindness.

Today are the days that three fourth of the people act very nicely. They act kindness, love, friendship and they fake even the smile.

But they can’t hide their trueness in eyes. At some point in time, they will show their true color with the expressions.

Not only that, we can see the beautiful creation of God with eyes. So, every person must show gratitude towards God every single day for giving eyes to see everything.

There are many fascinating things about eyes that will blow your mind.

Let’s dig into it.

1. Corneas Are The Only Tissues That Don’t Have Blood



2. An Eyelash Has A Life Span Of About 5 Months. If An Eyelash Falls Out It Takes About 6 weeks To Fully Grow Back



3. 80% Of Your Memories Are Determined By What We See



4. 1 In Every 12 Males Is Color Blind



5. On An Average, A Person Blinks About 15 To 20 Times Per Minute. It Decreases By 50% When You Are Doing A Visually Demanding Task Like Reading Or Working On A Computer



6.  Eyeballs Stay The Same Size From Birth To Death, While Your Nose And Ears Continue To Grow


Pavani Bharathula
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