7 Children and Driver Died In A DPS School Bus Accident In Indore

The Scene Was Heart-breaking


Seven children of Delhi Public School along with the driver and conductor of the bus died in an accident on Kanadiya Road, Indore. The accident took place due to the sudden failure of the steering wheel. The DPS School bus got out of control and collided with a truck at Bypass. This devastating incident left many parents childless and many children severely injured.


On Their Way Home


The miss happening took place around 3:30 pm when the DPS School bus was on its way to drop students to their homes.


The Blood Stained School Bags


The DPS school bus carried around 16 children out of which 7 are already declared dead, and the others were immediately admitted to a nearby hospital.


It Was Enough To Terrify Anyone


The scenario made every passer-by shiver with fear and the bloodied roads and school bags were enough to send chills down the spine.


The Reviving


A video of the incident has been released which shows two lifeless men lying next to the bus and people trying to revive them. Photographs show the front part of bus entirely smashed due to the collision.

A Rush Of Condolences

As soon as this heart-breaking news reached the citizens, people rushed to the hospital to donate blood and help those little children in every way possible. Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan also shared his condolences on Twitter.


A Question Mark On The Safety Of Students

DPS School Bus

The school is located on Indore-Dewas Bypass which makes it a more accident-prone zone. Minister for School Education, Deepak Joshi consoled that the government will fix responsibility on schools regarding their safety.

We hope for the well-being of the injured children.

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