Dowry Death In Bulandshahr, Husband Killed His Wife After Ten Days Of Marriage

He Demanded A Swift Dzire From His Wife's Family

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Day after day, new crime cases are seen nowadays. These cases reflect, when the criminal mentality takes over, the person can go to the lowest possible level. We all know that seeking dowry is illegal. However, still many people practice it. In many cases, the aftermath of it can lead to a serious loss. In a case of Dowry death, a newly married girl was killed by her husband just because her parents could not give the car that their son-in-law demanded.


They Married Recently

Dowry Death In Bulandshahr

The victim, Pinky married to Ravikant Of Bulandshahr on 26 April 2018. According to Ranveer Singh, the father of Pinky, Ravikant was given Rs 9 Lakh cash during the wedding. However, after 3 days from the wedding, the greed took over Ravikant and he demanded a Swift Dzire car from his Ranveer Singh which latter could not fulfill. The accused also warned him of the worst case scenario and he committed a felony. He killed his own wife.


He Was Demanding A Car

Dowry Death In Bulandshahr

Ranveer Singh said, “Three days ago Ravikant came to Delhi and visited us. He was demanding a car. Just to calm him down we gave him Rs 2 Lakh cash. My daughter used to say that they were planning something. I assured her that I would visit her soon but he killed my daughter before that.


A Case Of Dowry Death

Dowry Death In Bulandshahr

Dr, Pravin Ranjan, the SP Bulandshahr said, “Ravikant took his wife to Khurja Devi temple but in the midway, he killed his wife with his gun. Just to make a beeline out of it, he told that two unknown goons shot his wife. Ravikant is a kind of person who can go to any level for the sake of money. He wanted to remarry after killing his wife.”

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