Meet Dolly Jain, Celebrity Saree Draper, Who Charges Rs.1 Lakh Per Saree Draping

Dolly Jain Celebrity Saree Draper

Have you ever thought about spending Rs. 1 lakh to have a saree professionally draped? Allow us to introduce Dolly Jain, a renowned celebrity saree draper whose services range from Rs. 35,000 to Rs. 2,00,000 for each saree draping session. From Alia Bhatt to Gigi Hadid, she has draped saree to all!


Meet Dolly Jain

Celebrity Saree Draper Dolly Jain
Dolly Jain/Facebook

Dolly Jain is a well-known saree draper and stylist from India. She is known for her skill in draping sarees in unusual and imaginative ways, frequently using modern and inventive techniques. Moreover, Dolly Jain rose to fame in fashion by collaborating with designers, celebrities, and models to create excellent saree ensembles. Furthermore, she holds workshops and training sessions to teach saree draping skills to anybody who wants to learn how to do it. Therefore, her talents have elevated her to the ranks of fashion and saree-styling royalty.


Dolly Jain’s Love For Her Career


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Dolly Jain developed a profound understanding and affection for the saree. This newfound respect pushed her desire to learn the art of saree draping and refine her expertise. Furthermore, Dolly freely addressed the hurdles she faced when pursuing a career in saree draping during her talk with Aditya Narayan on the ‘Housewives Special’ episode of Indian Idol 13.

Dolly Jain Celebrity Saree Draper
Dolly Jain/Facebook

She said,

“Society gave me a very tough time. First, they told me it is a waste of time, called me crazy, and told me I couldn’t earn by draping a saree. This was the statement told to me by society. Today, I have proved everyone wrong and standing here.”

Talking about how she became fond of sarees, Dolly said,

“I got married into a household, where I had to wear a saree. I used to hate sarees. After marriage, I would take 45 mins to drape a saree everyday. I used to think everyday when my mother-in-law would allow me to wear a kurta instead of a saree. But she didn’t agree. By the time she agreed, I fell in love with sarees.”


Celebrities Dolly Jain Has Worked With

Dolly Jain Saree Draper
Dolly Jain/Facebook

Dolly Jain has established herself as the go-to saree draper for a prominent clientele that includes celebrities. Isha Ambani, Deepika Padukone, Katrina Kaif, Priyanka Chopra, Sonam Kapoor, Alia Bhatt, Natasha Poonawala, Mira Kapoor, and even worldwide supermodel Gigi Hadid are among her prestigious clients. Therefore, Dolly Jain, with her remarkable abilities and knowledge, has been a popular choice among celebrities, gaining the title of “every celebrity’s go-to saree draper.”

Dolly Jain’s talent and artistry have allowed her to be a part of essential times in the lives of well-known people. Notably, she had the honor of draping Alia Bhatt’s saree for her wedding, resulting in a unique look. Dolly Jain has got the opportunity to demonstrate her skills at significant events such as the MET Gala, where she draped Natasha Poonawala’s saree. Furthermore, Dolly Jain also draped Gigi Hadid’s dazzling yellow and white ensemble during her visit to India to inaugurate the Nita and Mukesh Ambani Cultural Centre.

To conclude, Dolly Jain’s transformation from housewife to professional saree draper is very astounding and encouraging. Therefore, her extraordinary talent and commitment have brought her to the top of the fashion and saree-draping sectors. Moreover, she has achieved a global reputation for her unique skills and innovative techniques, earning her the “Saree Draping Maestro” moniker.

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