8 Unknown Facts About Alia Bhatt That Only Her Die Hard Fans Know

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Alia Bhatt always amazes us with her acting and charm. The bubbly babe of Bollywood is a versatile person. Apart from acting, she has passion for singing as well as for painting. After the outstanding performance in Udta Punjab, the actress got a boost in the popularity. She got millions of fan all across the globe. So, today we have brought you 8 facts about Alia Bhatt that only her die hard fans know.


1 Auditioned Along 400 Other Girls

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Alia decided to make her career only by herself that’s why she had to give audition for the role in “Student of the year”. She went through the competition of 400 other girls and nailed the auditions.


2. From Fat To Fit

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Alia Bhatt did not have the required figure for the role in “Student of the year” so she worked hard and lost 16kgs in 3 months to illustrate an amazing transformation.


3. Her First Movie Was Sangharsh

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Well, this one is quite surprising as not many of us know that she played the role of junior Preity Zinta in the movie sangharsh.


4. She Is A Painter

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The actress seems like a small packet but it actually is full of surprises. And, adding to our surprises, her painting skills. She makes beautiful charcoal paintings.


5. A Passionate Singer

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She unveiled her singing attributes in the movie “Highway” and later on, she sung as a playback singer in “Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania”.


6. Emraan Hashmi And Alia Bhatt Are Cousins

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It is surprising but it is true the father of Emaraan and Mahesh Bhatt are cousins.


7.  She is an active member of PETA

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She is an active member of the PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals). She shot an ad supporting the stray animals.


8. She Wears Men Perfume

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Admittedly, this is surprising as well as weird. You have all the choice in the world to get the best women perfume and you chose men perfume. Wow!

Undoubtedly, these facts are surprising as well as impressive. No doubt, these amazing facts unveil some of the most interesting stuff about her and they also brought the fans one step closer to their favorite actress. What do you think about this? Share in the comment box.   


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