Do You Want To Stop Your Mind From Wandering? This Is How You Can Do It



Meditation is to realize the infinite power lies within you.


There is a proverb said by Swami Vivekananda, “The mind is like a lake, and every stone that drops into it raises waves. These waves do not let us see what we are”. You will know your power only when you learn how to calm your mind. You close your eyes and yet mind whirls and whirls about it. In one minute, mind goes to past situations and in other minute mind goes to future. And so, you forget to be in the present and miss to enjoy the moment “right now”. Being in “right now” is often forgotten by everyone these days. Every day, every minute, the mind will be either in the past or future.

You lose infinite power because of this unwanted thought process. Mind energy must be preserved. It is very hard to control the mind. The mind is like a monkey and it always wanders form one place to another place with the wine of desire. Once the desire is fulfilled, person feels jealous at the success of the others and this poison enters the mind and ruins it beyond repair. It is highly difficult to control such a mind which is filled with arrogance, jealous and all sort of negativity. So, in the first part of the study negativity should be removed during the practice of meditation. The next question is how?


Environment plays an important role in practicing meditation. There are lots of methods discussed by so many swamijis and gurus and I try to put the nutshell points to be followed for meditation.

1. Never practice meditation in dirty places and where there is too much of noise. Choose a place in your home where it is freed from all disturbances and distractions.

2. You must practice meditation twice a day and the best times are towards morning and evening.

3. Mentally repeat, Let all beings be happy; Let all beings be peaceful; Let all beings be peaceful. This is to get rid of negativity from your mind. The easiest way to make ourselves happy is to see that others are happy.

4. Give up all arguments and distractions or else it will kill your mental peace. Stay calm.

5. See any god image or burning candle light and meditate on it. This is the first step in getting into meditation.

6. Practice hard. Success comes to those who have tremendous will power and perseverance.

7. Swami Vivekananda said, “Have tremendous will, ‘I will drink the ocean, says the persevering soul, at my will mountains will crumble up’. Have that sort of energy, that sort of will, that sort of work hard and you will reach the goal”.

8. While practicing meditation, one important point to be noted that…Don’t hate anybody. The hatred which comes out from you will come to you back. If you love, love will come back to you. Don’t get confused with the word love. Give your love to others and at the same time don’t get closed to others and don’t expect anything from anybody in return.

9. The first sign after daily practice of meditation seen is cheerfulness. You will become cheerful.


Now, what are you waiting for? Practice meditation and explore the awesomeness that lies in you. Don’t forget to share your experience with us. Keep liking and sharing.

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