Dipa Karmakar – First Indian To Enter Apparatus Finals At An Olympics

Dipa Karmakar

Dreams are not what you see while sleeping. Dreams are those that keep you awake to achieve. Dipa Karmakar makes the nation proud as she is the first Indian to enter the apparatus finals at an Olympics. She is set to make history in the 2016 Rio Olympics.


Nadia Comaneci in the making


The Swiss Timing was about to stumble for a fraction of a second by showing 1,00. That was in 1976 when the scoreboard had a maximum range of 9.9 and Romania’s 14-year-old Nadia Comaneci made a perfect 10 in the Montreal Olympic Gymnastics.


Dipa Karmakar, A Plastic Girl


Now another Indian Dipa Karmakar is poised to score for India. She is qualified as the 8th entrant to Olympics Artistic Gymnastic (vault) competition to be held on Indian independence eve. She is the second gymnast ever qualified and the second woman Gymnast in Olympics. The first qualification was 64 years back. This 22 year ‘plastic girl’ is from Agartala got 15.066 points in the qualifying vault with a total of 52.698, a promising performance. She is in Rio to revenge her failure in Glasgow World Championship just nine months back. That too she is competing in the Produnova category, a handspring double front somersault, considered to be the toughest and dangerous one.


Nadia Comaneci In 1976 Montreal Olympics

Dipa KarmakarRef:

Dipa too started at a tender age like Nadia. Dipa Karmakar won the Junior Nationals in 2007 when she was 14. Since then she proved her mettle many times. She did well in spite of the limited training facility available in India compared to Russia, Romania, or China, the leaders in this field. She seemed confident and said “I believe that practice makes perfect, and then it is not difficult anymore, my coach ensured that I practiced extensively. Not many in the country knew about this until recently, and now I hope that this vault becomes more famous,”

Mary Com lost her berth in Rio Olympics even as a wild entry, but another one from Northeast is here to make history (when the Romanian wonder Nadia is celebrating her 54th birthday).

Way to go girl!

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