Not Only Girls But Boys Get Stereotyped Too – Here Are A Few Annoying Ones



At a crossroad where women get to break all their gender stereotypes, men are not much talked about for. 

No matter where we live, there are numerous things we say to boys when they grow up, which may or may not affect them in terms of treating their fellow humans, guy or a girl. 


1. Boys don't cry


Almost all cultures seem to discourage men from expressing their feelings, so as to not show them as vulnerable.



2. You should cut your hair

What is wrong with a boy growing his hair? This is another form of stereotype that says 'Girls should have long hair to look beautiful'.



3. Don’t run like a girl


People think that they are motivating a boy to do better sport when they say these, but they inadvertently make boys believe a) girls are weak at sports b) all boys should excel at sports.



4. Pink is for girls


This claim is both historically and logically wrong. Even till 1975s pink has never been associated with women but men as it is a more solid color than blue. Either way, colors belong to everyone. 



5. Boys will be boys


This is probably the worst thing you could say to any kid. It outright justifies whatever wrong doing a boy does and conveniently places the blame over the girls. 


Hope we do have a less sexist world for our next generation than ours in the future.

Vijay Alagar
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