NCRB Has Declared Delhi As The Most Unsafe City For Women

Crime Against Women Is High In Delhi

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A life free of violence and discrimination is the basic right of every individual. However, not everyone is able to enjoy this right freely. Domestic abuse, sexual assault, and murder are some of the many common forms of violence against women. And in a country like India, it happens on an everyday basis. The NCRB, National Crime Record Bureau, has flagged the national capital as the most unsafe city for women.

In 2021, 2 minor girls were raped every day in Delhi. With this, Delhi as a city is indeed a threat to women. Read on to find out about other major metropolitan cities following Delhi, as per the reports of NCRB.


Statistics Of Crime Against Women In Delhi

Crime Against Girl Delhi

According to the NCRB, a total of 13,892 cases of crimes against women were recorded in Delhi in 2021. This is about 40% more compared to the pandemic year (2020), when the figures were 9,782. Out of all the metropolitan cities in India, Delhi tops the list of crimes against women. Of all 19 metropolitan cities, Delhi’s crime statistics are as high as 32.2 percent.


Other Unsafe Metropolitan Cities

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If we talk about the other unsafe metropolitan cities, we have Mumbai and Bengaluru on our list. In 2021, the financial hub of our country, Mumbai, had 5,543  crime cases against women. On the other hand, Bengaluru had 3,127 cases. Out of all the 19 metropolitan cities, Mumbai’s crime statistics were 12.76 percent, and Bengaluru’s was 7.2 percent.


Highest Reports Of Crime In Delhi

Crime Against Girls

Out of all the metropolitan cities that have over 2 million population, the crime reports against women are the highest in Delhi. In addition to kidnapping, cruelty by husbands, or girl child rapes, there are several other crimes that are not even reported. If we talk about statistics, cases of kidnapping were 3948, cruelty by husbands 4674, and girl child rapes 833, respectively.

It is saddening yet astounding how out of a total of 43,414 crime cases in 19 metropolitan cities, 13,982 belongs to none other than our capital city.


How Is Delhi Constantly Proving Itself To Be Unsafe?

Crime Against Girl Delhi

Delhi tops all the charts when it comes to which city is the most unsafe of all in India. The latest reports of NCRB are testimony to it. If we further compare Delhi to other Indian cities, we will realize that Delhi’s safety is deteriorating day by day.

In 2021, the capital reported 136 dowry cases. Of all the dowry-related deaths in all 19 metropolitan cities, 36.26 percent belong to Delhi. Out of a total of 8,664 cases, 3,948 are from Delhi. If we talk about the cases of assault on women so as to outrage their modesty, the numbers are as high as 2,022.

For 2021, the NCRB has also reported 1,357 cases under the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act. As many as 833 cases of girl child rape have also been reported, the highest out of all metropolitan cities.

If these statistics are not why Delhi is constantly proving itself to be unsafe, what is? The lives of women are as precious as men’s, and it’s about time every evil human realizes this. 

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