Custom Hatchbacks By DC Design From Maruti Swift to Hyundai i20 Will Amaze You

Mahindra Revavia

DC aka Dilip Chhabria style is one amongst the foremost common style homes in India. The complete additionally offers sportscars like Avanti and TCA within the market and from Maruti to Hyundai. They’re additional common for his or her modification work on vehicles. So we tend to bring you ten modifications which supported the regular hatchbacks in India.


1. Maruti Swift

Maruti swift

The Maruti Swift is incredibly common in India. The last generation of the hatchback has been changed by DC with intensive changes. The automotive currently gets semiconductor diode DRL at the front, a brand new air dam and a brand new grille. At the rear, the same air dam has been supplementary. The interiors get new red and white theme on the dashboard. The bumper gets a different color insert. The automotive doesn’t look as outrageous as a number of the opposite DC changed cars.


2. Volkswagen Polo

Volkswagen Polo

The Volkswagen Polo encompasses a terribly sturdy style. The automotive changed by DC-style gets new stronger wheel arches, new bumper with different color and new light. The rear doors are off from the vehicle and it gets an awfully showy 3-door look. The automotive additionally get larger tires and a very redesigned rear.


3. Hyundai i20

Hyundai i20

This modification job relies on the previous generation Hyundai i20. The fluidic style of the automotive has been replaced with DC’s work. The automotive gets a brand new, larger grille at the front with red boundary. The red accents will be seen on the front bumper that has been modified too. The fog lamps additionally get massive red housings.


4. Tata Nano

Tata Nano

The Nano’s straightforward style with rear engine set-up created it quite distinctive. DC changed the Nano with some sportscar in mind. The front bumper gets vast air dams that even massive SUVs wouldn’t be ready to carry off. The Nano additionally gets larger air-intakes on the rear wheel arch.


5. Hyundai Santro

Hyundai Santro

The first generation of the Hyundai Santro wasn’t a decent wanting automotive as several would recommend. DC style changed the automotive to one thing else altogether. The yellow colored body of the changed automotive makes it extremely stand out. After that, the body kit of the vehicle is another style part that may get folks talking. Also, the automotive becomes two-door with a sharply angulate window line. All in all, it’s additional of a machine with two-doors.