Horns To Designing Aston Martin Prototype For James Bond, Story Of Dilip Chhabria



Designing car models and modifying them is a unique craft. Barely anyone talks about it in India. What is surprising that though Indians are not too much into car designing most Iconic car designer comes from India itself.


Let’s go through the inspirational journey of India’s most futuristic car designer Dilip Chhabria.

Dilip Chhabria

Since his young day’s Dilip Chhabria’s aspirations were so ahead of his time that even Tata and Mahindra failed to understand his vision. His father had an electronic business and he gave him one month and three people as staff members. Dilip got just one month and he proved his skills.

He made a replacement horn for Premier Padmini car sold it at an unbelievable price.


Founder of the world-renowned DC Designs and how he achieved success if this less touched area.

Dilip Chhabria

For last two decades, Chhabria is ruling the car designing field with his stunning designs and concepts.

Yet, you would be shocked to realize that he never thought of planning autos professionally. Subsequent to winning a degree in trade, Chhabria was one-day going through a car magazine and discovered a commercial saying ‘would prefer you not to be an auto planner’.

That was the point at which he gathered his sacks and went to examine auto outline at the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, US.

He majored in the transportation plan. He at that point worked quickly with General Motors and soon understood that he wasn’t intended to manufacture a center point or a handle. He took off and arrived back in India.



At that point came the DC Avanti. The back wheel drive 2 entryway sports roadster is thought to be India’s first ever supercar. The auto takes a Lamborghini and is controlled by a 2-liter oil motor.

In 2003 Chhabria designed the gizmo-packed James Bond films staple Aston Martin DB-8.

The model was unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show the same year. Ever since then, his designs have earned a meticulous reputation and still remains the top player in car designs and car mods in India. 


So Dilip Chhabria’s story inspires all to go and achieve out of box things. He really did something which we as an Indian rarely thought off.

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