Esha Gupta Was Trolled For Saying ‘Ban Rape’, But She Made A Great Comeback On Twitter

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The Padmavati issue is getting calm but there is some heat left. The actors are showing their supports. The “Raaz 3” actress, Esha Gupta is the new addition to the list of actors supporting Padmavati. She raised a question in an interview that why they are protesting against the movie, why no one raises a voice against rape and they should ban rape not Padmavati. For this statement, the Twitterati tried to troll her but her reply shut them up.


Is Rape Not Banned?

Esha Gupta

Well, everyone knows that rape is banned in the entire world and this statement of the actress is weird for sure. Moreover, the movie and rapes are different things. Hence, the comparison seems forced and irrelevant. Therefore, it was certain that a lot of tweets were heading towards trolling Esha.


Twitterati Trolled Esha








Many tweeted that she is one of the dumbest celebrities whose statements should not be taken seriously. Furthermore, many tried to educate her that rape is already illegal and there is a particular punishment for it.


Esha Gupta Slammed The Trollers


Esha Gupta wrote a reply to the twitter user named Shefali Vaidya, and she told that she did not say anything like that in the video. That reply was a shut down tweet for the trollers and Esha Gupta has proved that it can be hard for you if you try to troll her.

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It is not the first time when she slammed the trollers, also check what she said to the trollers who were slut-shaming her.


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