These 10 Are The Most Dangerous Countries In The World, India Ranked 27

Dangerous Countries


No place is safe in this world. However, there are some countries which are totally unsafe to live. World Economic Forum (WEF) came up with Global Travel and Terrorism Report which listed down the countries on the basis of peace and safety. Here are the 10 unsafe countries in the world that you should definitely know.


1. Syria


Syria which is the most dangerous country in the world have carried out several attacks that includes bombardment of civilian residential areas and medical facilities with artillery, barrel bombs and chemical weapons. It was reported that there were the deaths of 250,000 people, forced 7.6 million people to become internally displaced and led 4.6 million people to become refugees abroad.


2. Afghanistan


Afghanistan has seen growing insecurity with lot many criminal activities. Internal conflicts made tens of thousands of people to leave the place. The majority of the people did not receive any humanitarian assistance from the government.


3. South Sudan


During an outbreak of violence between 8 and 12 July in 2016, hundreds of people were killed in South Sudan and more than 200 people were raped.

“The fighting that erupted in July 2016 was a serious setback for peace in South Sudan and showed just how volatile the situation in the country is, with civilians living under the risk of mass atrocities,” said the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Zeid Ra'ad Al Hussein


4. Iraq


The armed group Islamic State (IS) carried out mass execution-style killings and abductions, including abductions of women and girls for sexual slavery.


5. Somalia


According to a United Nations' recent report, Somalia is suffering from extreme drought conditions that have left thousands of people facing severe food and water shortages. Over three million people lack access to emergency health services and require improved access to water, sanitation and hygiene and more than five million people are in need of relief.

“Immediate support is required to prevent a significant deterioration of the humanitarian situation,” said Peter de Clercq, the humanitarian coordinator for Somalia.


6. Sudan


Government forces have committed serious attacks against civilians in the last two years, including widespread killings, rape and destruction of property, in the conflicts in Darfur, South Kordofan, and Blue Nile states.


7. Central African Republic


With one of the world's poorest populations, Central African Republic was plunged into turmoil in 2013 when Muslim rebels seized power in what is a majority Christian country. The country is still in chaos with thousands of people displaced.


8. Democratic Republic of Congo


Numerous armed groups carried out serious abuses of human rights. The Congolese army and UN peacekeeping force MONUSCO failed to protect the civilian population which led to a high death toll and mass displacements.


9. Pakistan


Armed groups in Pakistan continued to carry out targeted attacks against civilians last year, including health workers and civilians affiliated with the government. Women and girls continue to face violence and threats. As there is no proper punishment to the culprits, civilian bodies being found later with bullet wounds and torture marks.


10. Democratic People’s Republic of Korea Or North Korea

Human rights charity Amnesty International said about the country in its annual report,

“North Koreans continued to suffer denial and violations of almost every aspect of their human rights. Authorities continue to arbitrarily arrest and detain individuals without fair trial or access to lawyers and family, including nationals of South Korea. Households, particularly those with members suspected of having fled the country or trying to access outside information, remained under systematic surveillance".

Did we miss any other unsafe country that should be listed here? Let us know in the comments.

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