Russian Scientists Performed Sleep Experiments On Prisoners And The Results Are Horrifying!


Remember watching a really disturbing scene in a horror movie or a play, where an evil person disrupts an innocent one mentally and physically. The scenes where prisoners are tortured as hell and every fiber of their being is tormented like the ugly scenes from SAW series or the experiments of Frankenstein are morally disturbing. But, somehow we are convinced that these things happen only in the fiction world. No human being is cruel enough to put another human through this level of suffering.

No Sleep For 30 Days!

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Back in 1960’s, five prisoners who were reportedly the enemies from WWII were brought to Russian researchers. A sleep experiment was performed on them which kept them awake for 15 days. An experimental gas based stimulant helped them to remain awake for so long. The prisoners were kept in a monitored chamber and essentials for a month were provided to them within the chamber. They were assured to be free if they stayed awake for 30 days.

On The Fourth Day…


On the fourth day of the experiment, their conversations became dark and they started showing symptoms of paranoia. After five days, they started reflecting signs of severe paranoia. They stopped talking among themselves and started speaking on the microphone. They complained about their condition to the experimenters.

On The Tenth Day…


By the end of the tenth day, one of the prisoners became so paranoid, that he screamed at the top of his voice for 3 hours straight and started running back and forth in the chamber. After the screams ceased, the experimenters assumed that he may have physically damaged his vocal chords.

And Then There Was Utter Silence…


The researchers were shocked as they had not received any sounds from the inside. They even examined the microphones to see if they were functioning properly. The oxygen consumption remained intact, but no signs existence was noticed.

On The Fourteenth Day…

Sleep Experiments On Prisoners


On the fourteenth day, the scientists left a message to them saying, “Step back and away from the door, we are opening the chambers and if you do not follow the orders, you will be shot dead.” Soon a cold reply came from inside saying, “we do not want to be freed”.

On Opening The Chamber…


On the midnight of the fifteenth day, the scientists decided to open the chambers. They vacuumed out the stimulant gas and filled it with air. Soldiers were sent to bring the prisoners out. Four out of five were still breathing, but none of them were in a condition to be stated ‘alive’. The food from the past five days was untouched. The person, who was dead, was lying without any flesh on his body, and his heart was stuffed into the drain. This caused the drain to block, which filled 4 inches of water into the chamber. The wounds on the remaining prisoner’s bodies can be predicted that they were self-instinctual. A large part of their flesh and muscles was missing. When keenly observed, it became clear that they were feeding on their own flesh for days.

When They Were Brought Outside


They were not ready to be freed. In the process of bringing them outside, one of the prisoners ripped off the throat of one soldier, and another bit one soldier fiercely on the leg. In this combat, one prisoner along with five soldiers was subjected to death. The remaining three prisoners were sent to medical treatment. Surgeries were performed on them without an anesthesia because they won’t stop laughing.

And They Were Shot Dead


The operating commander ordered two of the researchers to stay in the chamber with the two subjects. Hearing this, one researcher shot dead the commander and then killed a test subject. Another researcher killed the remaining subject when on asking about his identity he replied, “We are you”.

The evil deeds take place not only in fiction but now you have seen a terrible experiment carried out on humans by humans.

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