ICC WTC Final: Duke Ball Helpful For Swing, Neutral Challenge For India And Australia

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Team India has to play the final of the ICC World Test Championship against Australia in Kennington Oval from June 7. The interesting fact is that the game is to be played with a Duke Ball made in England. Both team never used this ball in domestic cricket, so playing with this ball is a neutral challenge for both teams. Duke Ball is very helpful for swing and seam bowling. The batters have to overcome it to score runs.

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Only three balls are used in international cricket. These are Duke, Kookaburra, and SG Ball. The 12 countries recognized in ICC’s Test play with these three balls. Let’s get to the specialty of these balls and other interesting things.


Basic Difference Between The Three Balls

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The basic difference between the three balls is their seam, which is different from each other. The seam of the Duke Ball is raised, while that of the SG ball is flat. The seam of the Kookaburra is pressed. The color of the Duke Ball is darker than SG and Kookaburra. Because of this, its shining remains for a long time.


Why Duke Is Advantageous For Fast Bowlers?

Duke Ball

This ball is made in England. In addition to the England team, Ireland and West Indies play. Duke Ball is made by hand. The seam of the ball is straight and tight so that the ball stays in shape for a long time. Because of this, the ball is more beneficial for fast bowlers.


Natural Swing Of Duke Ball

Duke Ball England

A lot of changes were made to the Duke Ball after 2007. The hand stitching was strengthened. Because of this change, it lasts longer than the SG and Kookaburra ball. This is the reason for its natural swing, and it lasts from 50 to 60 over. The ball starts getting reverse swing only after 20 to 30 over.


How The Ball Duke Is Named?

The ball is made by the Duke family of England. It is named after the family.


Kookaburra’s Natural Swing

Kookaburra Ball

Kookaburra balls are made in Australia. The balls are made by machine. Its natural swing remains for 20 to 25 over. After this, it becomes more favorable for the batsmen. After 40 to 50 over, the ball starts getting reverse swing.


India Team Plays Test With Which Ball?

SG Ball India

The Sanspareil Greenlands (SG) ball made in India is also made by hand. Only the Indian team plays with this ball. SG ball helps the spinner more. Its natural swing lasts for 10 to 20 over. It is better in terms of the seam. It stays strong till 80 to 90 over. SG Company was started in 1931 in Sialkot by two brothers named Kedarnath and Dwarkanath Anand. Only the SG ball has been used in the Tests held in the country.


Virat Kohli Complaints About SG Ball

Kohli On SG Ball

Indian Captain Virat Kohli had said during the West Indies series in October 2018 said that it is not right for the SG ball to wear out in 5 overs. This ball was fine for the first use, but don’t know why the quality has deteriorated. Virat advocated the use of Duke Ball in Tests.

After the Chennai Test in February 2021, Kohli once again said that the seam of the SG ball is completely damaged after 60 overs. You can’t expect things like this to happen in Test cricket.


Spinner Ashwin’s View On Duke And SG Ball

Ashwin On SG Ball

In October 2018, Ashwin said that I feel better bowling with Kookaburra than with SG. The Duke Ball is also good, but the quality of SG ball has fallen.

In February 2021, Ashwin again said that the ball used in the Chennai Test was very strange. We have never seen the seam of an SG ball deteriorate like this.


Changes Made In SG Ball After The Complaint

SG Balls

The seam of the ball has been worked out. The consistency of the wood inside the ball is reduced to a minimum, and the color is darkened.


ICC Rules Regarding The Use Of Ball

There are no specific guidelines from the ICC regarding the use of the ball. All countries use the ball according to their conditions. The country where the series is taking place chooses the ball according to their choice.

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