How To Create A Strong Fantasy Cricket Team

Fantasy Cricket

Football, kabaddi, and basketball are popular sports in India but not as popular as cricket. Indians love to watch cricket games. The majority of viewers of a cricket championship encompasses viewers from India. It’s an exciting sport and provides hours of entertainment for the fans. The popularity of the sport was the reason the fantasy version of it originated. In a jiffy, Indian cricket fans went online and started creating their own teams and participating in championships. Fantasy cricket is so popular today that cricket fans place bets on it. For this reason, there are plenty of online sportsbooks that offer fantasy cricket betting services.


Fantasy Cricket Betting Online

Fantasy Cricket

Online casinos are in a legal grey area in India. Playing casino games online isn’t punishable by law which is why some of them feature sportsbooks for fantasy games. Even our most famous cricket stars like Virat Kohli, have been caught promoting online gambling.

Those websites that feature sportsbooks can have bonuses as well. This means that players have a greater chance of winning a fantasy cricket bet. But that won’t happen if a player’s team isn’t skilled. There are plenty of platforms where you can test your team skills and one of the leading ones is cricbattle.com. Your team may farewell but there’s always room for improvement. In that regard, here are some tips on how to create a good fantasy cricket team.


Do Your Research

Research is important when it comes to fantasy cricket. If you’re competing in a championship it’s important to research the teams you’re going up against. See how they’ve been doing and try to find out which combination of players on your time will give the best results. At the same time keep track of the other teams in the championship. Finally, make sure to keep an eye out for some potential new recruits. They will bolster your team’s ranks and increase your chances of winning a championship.


Don’t Pick Your Favorites

The golden rule of fantasy cricket is to not go for your favorites. If you have a team of your favorite star players then that team is bound to lose. Some of the greats may not be a winning match when grouped together. When you’re making a team it’s essential to combine players, the function well as a unit. You can feature one or two of your favorite players but only if their skill fits the team. By having a team that clicks you’ll have a better chance of increasing your winning streak.


Check On Your Players Daily

When you’re playing fantasy cricket you should put yourself in the role of a manager. This means you should keep up to date on the cricket players every day. A few minutes every day should be enough to know the status of your team. By doing these frequent checks you’ll know if any player’s contract is up or if any players are injured, and you’ll act accordingly.


Go With Your Gut

The gut feeling is never wrong and this is true when it comes to fantasy cricket. If you get that feeling about putting a certain player in a game or keeping a player out of a game then trust it because the gut feeling is rarely wrong. Your instinct will help you make the right decisions when creating and managing your cricket team.



These tips should give you a general idea of how to create a strong fantasy cricket team. Picking the right players and making additional changes is essential to keep the team fresh. Checking on them regularly will keep you informed and you can base your next moves on that information. By following these tips you’ll have a good team ready to take on any challenger.

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