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Fantasy League Makes Every Game Exciting

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Cricket is not a game in India; people treat this game like a religion. If you are passionate about sports and have an excessive adulation for it, there is no better feeling than watching your favorite team picking up the glory. Perhaps there is, the Fantasy league brings you one step closer to the sports and the things get personal with each match.  The fantasy gaming platform has become quite popular in recent years and there is a reason why everyone is crazy after it. It, allows us to assemble our own virtual team with real players before any cricket, football, kabaddi or basketball match. Our score is based on the real-life performances of those players. For all those who do not know about fantasy gaming or those who are skeptical about it, we would like to inform you and give you reasons to play this fantasy league.


What Is Dream 11 Or Fantasy League?

Reasons To Play Fantasy League

A virtual game requires real strategic and planning skills. It allows the users to customize the virtual team from the real-life professional sports players. The customized teams compete and all of the players are given individual scores which are based on their performances in the actual match. For example, in a fantasy football league, the players get points based on the number of goals, assists or tackles that they do in the match. Most of the times the point system is kept simple so that the league commissioner who manages the league can calculate it manually. In addition to that, computers calculate the score that tracks the real results.

The fantasy gaming chronically introduces a number of contests; some of these contests are free while others are paid. A certain amount has been paid as the entry fees in the paid contest, which offers significant rewards. Started in 2012, the fantasy sports platform now encompasses a huge magnitude of users putting their strategic skills to the test.


Reasons To Play

Reasons To Play Fantasy League

The strategic competition is the sole reason that can toss interest in any game. The users can generate virtual rivalries with their friends who are also playing the Fantasy league. You can draft your dream team that you always wanted to see. Apart from that, you will have your own set of players to cheer for. On top of that, you will pay equal attention to those games that you never cared about just because the team you were supporting was not playing that.


It Is Completely Legal?

Reasons To Play Fantasy League

The former Indian cricket captain, Mahendra Singh Dhoni who also happens to be the brand ambassador of a fantasy league company, Dream 11 told that it is a game of skills, the knowledge of the game and the in-depth research about it. Admittedly, the strategy plays a major part in any game and it is hard to disagree with MS Dhoni as he is one of the most successful Indian cricket captains. Now, so many of you may think that this is illegal, but it is not. Back in 2017, a case was filed against a fantasy sports company but the court stated that it holds the “element of skill” so there is no reason that states it illegal. According to the law, the luck or chance-based games are illegal but this is a game of skills so it is being played all across the country.


Official Partnerships With Major Leagues

Reasons To Play Fantasy League Dream 11

Apart from that, there is an age limit to play this game, as a user must be at least 18 years old. The best thing about fantasy gaming is that it is tied up with the real sports leagues. To illustrate, Dream 11 became the official fantasy cricket partner of Hero Caribbean Premier League back in 2017. In the same year, the company clinched a deal with Hero Indian Super League to become their official fantasy football partner. It is also partnered with the Pro Kabaddi league. The company also announced its partnership with ICC in the previous year.

If you are a passionate fan and would like to make the use of your strategic skills and the knowledge of the sports, this is the best platform for you. Without wasting any time just download the app and start your fantastic journey as it worth the hype.

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