Here Are The Countries That Spend The Highest Amount On Business Travel

India Is Not In The Top 5

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Business traveling has taken the shape of a huge industry. The countries spend a huge amount on these each year. According to the recently leaked data, Apple Inc. books 50 business class tickets to Shanghai via American Airlines United. Moreover, a huge sum of $150 Million is spent per yearly by Apple Inc. Today let us take a look at the countries that spend the most on Business travel.


7. India – Rs 2 Lakh Crore

Business Travel Spendings

The Indian industries are extending each year. Still, India could not make it to the top 5 countries. It remained on the seventh spot with the yearly business traveling expense to be Rs 2 Lakh Crore.


5. England – Rs 3.5 Lakh Crore

Business Travel Spendings

England made it to the top five as it spends Rs 3.5 Lakh Crore in a year on business travel.


4. Japan – Rs 4.5 Lakh Crore

Business Travel Spendings

Japan’s major export industries are predominantly focused on automobiles, consumer electronics, and computers. The yearly Business travel expense of Japan is Rs 4.5 Lakh Crore.

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