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COVID-19 Treatment: What Is A CRP Test And Should You Take It?

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We are aware of RT-PCR tests and CT-scan due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, do you know what this CRP test is? How is this test helpful in treating infections? The second wave of COVID-19 in India is even more dangerous, and it is taking many lives. The number of patients who die every day has also reached record levels. In this case, every single test of the corona has become crucial.

Apart from RT-PCR and CT-scan, there are other tests that the doctors are undertaking. These tests track the severity of COVID-19 infection in patients. One such blood test is the CRP test that tracks the level of infection in the body.


What Is CRP Test?

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CRP, i.e., C-reactive protein. Our body functions like a chemical factory. Whenever an external virus or infection strikes, many chemical processes begin in the body. One of them is inflammation. During this time, there is a C-reactive protein (CRP) product in the liver. It is a blood marker that indicates the level of infection in the body.

This is a regular blood test. CRP levels are measured by taking a blood sample. The result comes within few minutes. The higher the CRP level, the higher the infection. The doctors try to control it with the help of drugs.


Who Should Do The CRP Test And When?

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Patients with mild to moderate COVID-19 symptoms do not need a CRP test. But if the patient shows any severe symptoms even after five days of infection, it is necessary to get this test done. If symptoms are increasing or new symptoms are present, then a CRP blood test should be done. However, if the level rises, then one should seek the services of specialists.

If the patient has any severe symptoms of any kind, then he can do his CRP test. Having this test done on time helps prevent infection from becoming mild and moderate to severe. This test is usually done in people who have severe bacterial or fungal infections in their bodies. This helps in understanding the level of infection.


Can I Get The Test Done Myself And Its Cost?

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No. It is not a test that should be done on its own. Doctors also conduct this test only after seeing the severity of the patient’s symptoms. Usually, this test is done for usually INR 500. Different laboratories may charge more or less for this.


What Is Normal Level Of CRP?

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Typically the normal concentration level of CRP is 30–50 mg/L. But when this level is increased, the danger starts rising. Suppose a person’s oxygen saturation is normal and CRP level is more than 70 units. In that case, it can be taken in a situation where only the proteins of the body’s defense system start damaging the body.

Doctors say that if the patient has more than 70 units of C-reactive protein, then he needs to be given steroids. If the CRP increases beyond this, then the patient may require a mechanical ventilator. Steroids increase the chances of survival of such people by up to 70%.

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