IAS Officers Vs IPS Officers: Everything You Need To Know

IAS Officers Vs IPS Officersvia

IAS (Indian Administrative Service) and IPS (Indian Police Service) are the two pillars of development and security in India. IAS and IPS are both All India Services. Both are popular career choices among the aspirants in competition. Both are the premier services of the Government of India. Every aspirant dream of getting into these prestigious services. Both job profiles are very different. IAS Officers vs IPS Officers, let’s get to know about their functions and responsibilities.


IAS (Indian Administrative Services)

Smita Sabharwal

Sub Divisional Officer: The job of an IAS is one of the most coveted jobs in India. IAS is the in-charge of various development activities going in the subdivision.

District Magistrate/ District Collector: The District Magistrate is responsible for running the administration of the district smoothly and properly. He/she is the main agent for making the necessary coordination of the official agencies functioning within the district. The District Collector is responsible for the collection of revenue from the district.

Divisional Commissioner: The Divisional Commissioner is the coordinator of all activities in general administration that includes law and order, revenue administration, and development administration at the divisional level.

Cabinet Secretary: Cabinet Secretary acts as the chief coordinator of the central government. Cabinet Secretary acts as a link between the political system and the civil services of the country. The responsibilities of the Cabinet Secretary include monitoring and coordinating activities of various ministries and departments.


Both The Services Have

Sachin Atulkar IPS

Chief Secretary: The Chief Secretary is responsible for inter-departmental coordination. Chief Secretary advises the secretaries on intra- departmental difficulties.

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IPS (Indian Police Services)

Nagaland’s youngest district SP, Noklak

IPS office is allotted to the State Police Department or the Central Police Department. At the state level, you move from being Assistant Commissioner to Deputy Commissioner to Additional Commissioner to Joint Commissioner to Special Commissioner.

Maintaining Law And Order

IPS officers are responsible for maintaining peace in the allocated district. IPS Officer is responsible for decision making and taking actions in peacekeeping within the city

Disaster and Crisis Management

IPS officers are responsible for handling the crisis in the city in any disastrous situation.

Security Of VIP’s

IPS officer is responsible for the security of VIP and the protection of Chief Ministers and Prime Minister in their city.

Implementation Of Laws

It is the responsibility of the IPS officer to ensure that rules are followed in their state. IPS is responsible for ensuring that the local police are making sure that all the laws are followed in the state.

Both the profiles are prestigious services on their own. Both have special powers and responsibilities. IAS and IPS both are powerful.  Aspirants choose the field depending on their marks in UPSC.

What do you think IAS Officers vs IPS Officers? Which one is the most powerful service? Let us know in the comment below.

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