These Countries Are Mask Free Now And Have Almost Won The War Against COVID-19

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The novel Coronavirus pandemic has literally caged and killed the residents of earth. Thousands to millions of people are dying out of COVID-19 every day around the world. At the same time, some countries have used their political power to control the situation at its best and save the population. On the other side, in densely populated countries such as India, the situation has gone nearly out of control as Indians have been badly hit by the second wave of the pandemic. However, there are some exceptional countries where the situation has been handled with a lot of seriousness and wisdom. People in here have nearly eradicated the pandemic from that place and have gone mask free as always. So let’s pay a literary visit to such countries that have almost won the war against COVID-19.



Stupendous Facts

Bhutan is the first and only country to be declared COVID -free and mask free country without undergoing a single lockdown. The weapon used by Bhutan to drive away COVID-19 was the vaccination drives carried across the country that vaccinated almost 90% of its adult population. Even though Bhutan shares borders with COVID-19 rich countries like India and China, there have been only 1309 cases resulting in the death of 1, i.e., pretty much better than other countries.



Tel-Aviv, Israel

Israel is proof of how sufficient amounts of vaccines can completely drive away from the COVID-19 death toll. Masks were made mandatory in Israel last year in April. The overall COVID-19 serge in Israel was 839,221 overall cases along with 6,395 deaths. After vaccinating half of its population, Israel scrapped the mandatory mask policy.


New Zealand

Safest cities

All the credit and praise for the wellness and mask free lifestyle in New Zealand goes to the prime minister of the country, i.e., Jacinda Ardern, whose quick and wise decisions saved the population from severe casualties and mass spread of the disease. The nation was hit by casualties and mass infection and had reported 26 deaths. The honorable prime minister’s decisions paid off, resulting in mask free New Zealand.



Strictest Laws


China being miles ahead of the rest of the world is no new thing to know. The official birthplace of the disease, as rumored, is vibing as if nothing happened!. Being helped by sufficient vaccines, almost the entire population of China is vaccinated. Apart from going mask free, China has opened its doors for tourists, and all the theme parks, restaurants, and hotels all being open for visitors. However, the reliability of China is always in question.



Safest cities

The USA is one of the worst-hit countries by COVID-19 in the world. In here, the disease hasn’t actually dropped dead, but the mandatory mask rule is bent for the ones who are fully vaccinated. Being the country with the most number of cases and deaths related to COVID-19, masks are still recommended for those who wish to be a part of crowded gatherings like sports and music events throughout the country.

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