From Sweden To Germany, These Countries Are Providing Job Seeker Visas To Indians Amid Layoffs And Pandemic

Job Seeker Visa in Different Countries

Due to the recent round of layoffs, thousands of Indian IT professionals all over the globe have lost their jobs. Such companies include Google, Microsoft, and Amazon. Additionally, they are currently having trouble finding new jobs. As a result of the pandemic and the recent wave of widespread worldwide layoffs, many nations are currently experiencing a labor shortage. Despite this, the idea of Job Seeker Visas is becoming increasingly popular. These are the nations that grant Indian visas for job seekers.


Countries Issuing Job Seeker Visas To Indians

Job Seeker Visa Indians

Several countries are issuing Job Seeker Visas to Indians. The list includes various European countries along with the United Arab Emirates.



Stockholm, Sweden

The Job Seeker Visa, which enables individuals with high qualifications to look for work, is also there in Sweden. The visa allegedly has a three-month validity period. It can, however, have an extension for an additional six months. Meanwhile, you need a bachelor’s, master’s, or other higher degree to qualify for this visa. Additionally, you must be able to sustain yourself while you are in the nation.

In addition, you must be ready to search for employment or launch your own business. This also entails coming up with a solid strategy to do it. The next requirement is that you have complete health insurance. You must live outside of Sweden and have a passport that is valid for the entire period you will be there. Additionally, you must go to the Swedish embassy or consulate in your nation of residence to file for the visa. To begin the application procedure, gather all of your supporting documentation.

The letter of approval to the Swedish Council for Higher Education must also be there. It will demonstrate their ability to make contact with universities in your nation to confirm the credentials of your academic records. Additionally, you should obtain the necessary paperwork from the official website and complete your online application. Finally, send your application form, the paperwork, and the certificate of permission to the Swedish embassy in your nation of residence.


United Arab Emirates


A report claims that many highly skilled workers are drawn to the growing UAE employment market. A job seeker visa, however, is only good for one entrance and is only good for 60, 90, or 120 days in the UAE. In addition, a bachelor’s degree is required for eligibility, and you must be able to support yourself while you are in the nation.

Additionally, you need to fall under the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation’s first, second, or third talent level classification. A valid passport is also necessary. Additionally, register on the website and contact the UAE embassy or consulate in your home nation to apply for the Job Seeker Visa. Choose the service you need and include all supporting documentation. Wait for a decision after paying the fee and submitting the application.



Hamburg Germany

The Job Seeker Visa was first implemented in Germany in 2012. Additionally, since that time, it has grown in popularity as a category of visa. Moreover, the German Job Seeker Visa is valid for six months. It enables skilled individuals to remain in Germany and take advantage of excellent opportunities. In addition, the German Chancellor recently extended an invitation to Indian IT professionals to relocate to Germany. However, some requirements are needed to be eligible for a Germany Job Seeker visa.

First, the applicant must have a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree from a German institution or a foreign degree that is comparable. Additionally, they must have at least five years of experience in an area related to yours. Next, show evidence that you have the funds to sustain yourself while you are in Germany. Get travel or health insurance as well, which must be good for the duration of your stay in Germany or until you receive a work permit.

You must apply at the German embassy or consulate in your nation for a German job seeker visa. Assemble all the necessary paperwork, complete the online registration, and then make an appointment. Furthermore, visit the closest embassy or consulate to hand-deliver the application form and the remaining documents. Finally, you need to show up for the appointment at the consulate or embassy.




Professionals can obtain an Austrian Job Seeker Visa with a six-month validity period. It is intended for those who are extremely qualified. Additionally, they must achieve a minimum score of 70 points based on predetermined standards. The highest number of points for special abilities or skills is 40. One must be a higher education graduate. In addition, the course must last a minimum of four years.

Additionally, you will receive an additional 30 points for the disciplines of mathematics, informatics, the natural sciences, or technology. Research and innovation efforts receive 20 points, while post-doctoral credentials (Ph.D.) receive 40 points. Twenty points are awarded for additional awards or recognized prizes, and points for job experience are also helpful. Language proficiency is worth marks as well. For instance, A1 level German or English language proficiency is worth 5 points, while A2 level proficiency is worth 10. Then there are age points to continue.

Furthermore, you will be qualified for an extra 10 points if your studies were completed in Austria. Next, gather all the needed paperwork and complete the application to register for it. On file with the Austrian representative body are application forms. Then send the registration form and supporting documentation in person to the authorized Austrian representative. All documents must also be provided in both original and copy form. Additionally, translations are required if the documents are not in German or English.




Foreigners can enter Portugal with a job seeker visa to look for employment prospects. The visa, which can only be used once and has a 120-day validity time before it must be renewed for another 60 days, is single-entry. There are currently no specific requirements for this visa because it is a new one. You must, however, have health insurance and a valid passport for the entire time you will be in the nation.

If you are unable to find employment, you must also have a ticket with your leaving and return dates. Additionally, you must have enough money in Portugal to sustain yourself. Next, go to the Portuguese embassy or consulate in your nation to apply for Job Seeker Visas. Prepare a passport that will be valid for at least three months after the date of your return.

Additionally, you need two current, good-quality photos. Also required is a criminal record certificate, which is only valid if given by the proper authority. You also need a valid form of identification, transport documents, and evidence of your financial stability. Send the paperwork in and pay the charge.

A work visa is a “job seeker visa” which enables an individual to enter a nation for a set amount of time and conduct job searches there. Once they land employment, they must get a work permit to remain in the nation.

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