These Are The Countries With Maximum Holidays, India Is Not In The List


We all love holidays. After all, they provide us some time to relax and have peace. Working in our hectic schedules, we hardly get time for ourselves. Forget Saturdays, some of us even work on Sundays! So, holidays are like a blessing to us. They are a necessity just like food, sleep and other things as a celebration is also required if we work so much.

With many people in India thinking that we get many holidays on festivals and occasions, you might be shocked to know it’s not true. There are many countries in the world which provide holidays, including annual leaves and public holidays, way more than India.

According to a survey conducted by, here are the top 10 countries in the world which provide the maximum number of holidays in a year. And, India is not even on the list.

1. Russia


Russia tops the list as it provides maximum holidays in a year. It gives 40 holidays including 28 annual leaves and other 12 public holidays. Who won’t want to work here, right?


2. Italy


Italy is second on the list with the total number of holidays equal to 36 in a year. 12 public holidays and 24 annual leaves are given here to the workers.


3. Sweden


With 24 annual leaves and 11 public holidays, Sweden is number third on the list. The total number of holidays, 36, is same as Italy though.


4. Finland


35 total holidays in a year is what you’ll get if you work in Finland. This includes 25 annual leaves and 10 public holidays.


5. France


France also has 35 total number of holidays in a year, with 25 annual leaves and 10 public holidays.