This Girl Earns Rs 8 Lakhs Per Hour Without Any Job Check How


Doing a job online is not a difficult task. But making money more than lakhs in an hour without having any job is surely a very big thing! It is next to impossible to do so. But, this girl has proved that nothing is impossible. And teaches us how we can earn lakhs in an hour just by playing games online!

A girl from Australia known as Chelsea has become an expert in making money.  It is unbelievable that she earns around 8 lakhs in an hour just by playing online games. That is true!

8 lakhs in an hour

Chelsea did her graduation in Pharmacy while she had more interest in the field of computers. She always knew that she will work and earn from computers. So that is how she joined online gaming and proved that it is possible to earn money from it.

This girl earns 8 lakhs in an hour


How Exactly Chelsea Makes Lakhs Of Money?

Chelsea says that she makes money through online subscriptions as well as advertisements and the sponsors. People watch Chelsea while she plays the game through the live streaming. And guess what? She gets money for it! Having a conversation with the Sun, she said, “The viewers enjoy watching me, my personality and how I interact with them. It is more like hanging out with the viewers instead of watching the play.”

Chelsea is also very famous on Instagram and is no lesser than a celebrity! She is very close to having 47 million followers on her Instagram account.

She is surely very talented. Earning such a big amount is not an easy task. I’m sure you must have learned by now of how to make money online. You don’t need a job. Just follow your passion of playing games and earn money online, just like her! Don’t have a bachelor’s degree? No need to worry! Learn how to earn without having a degree here.