These 10 Countries In The World With The Most Number Of Skyscrapers

Countries with most number of skyscrapers

Do you believe the sky is the limit? It’s not for skyscrapers, though. Do you adore the clouds and the sky? Are you one of those who enjoys gazing at the sky and wants to admire it from a great height? Do heights excite you? If so, skyscrapers are a must for you. Skyscrapers are immense, massive structures. People with high-achieving goals and passion deserve high skyscrapers, isn’t it? Irony. As the name indicates, a skyscraper almost erases the sky by thrusting out and obscuring it. The greater your elevation, the more you can view. Skyscrapers give residents beautiful vistas to admire and consider while they unwind with music on at the end of the day. Continue to learn about the ten nations in the world with the most skyscrapers.


Top 10 Countries With Maximum Skyscrapers

Countries with maximum Skyscrapers

From China to Thailand, here are the top 10 countries with the highest number of skyscrapers worldwide. Check them out.


1. China

China For Entrepreneurs

China leads the list with the most buildings in the world. It has 3090 skyscrapers that are more than 150 meters tall; how fascinating can that be? Hong Kong is the city with the most skyrocketing buildings.


2. The United States

New York

With an astounding 880 buildings, the United States ranks second in the world regarding the maximum number of skyscrapers. New York City has the most sky-hugging buildings.


3. United Arab Emirates


To capture its beauty, the country, United Arab Emirates,  boasts 325 buildings, ranking third on the list. Dubai is known for being the city with the most skyscrapers in the United Arab Emirates.


4. South Korea

South Korea

South Korea, the gorgeous country known for K-pop and K-drama, is fourth on the list with about 276 buildings. The beautiful city of Seoul has the maximum number of sky-hugging buildings.


5. India

Skyscrapers India

India‘s stunning skyline is dotted with 273 towering skyscrapers. Along with heavily populated urban areas, metropolitan districts are growing in size. India’s commercial capital, Mumbai, is known to be the city with the most number of skyscrapers.


6. Japan

Skyscrapers Japan

Japan, which is well-known for its technology, has 271 skyscrapers. Imagine witnessing beautiful sky from these buildings having a maximum height limit of 225m. The famous city of Tokyo is identified as the city with most skyscrapers.


7. Malaysia

Petronas Tower Malaysia

Malaysia, the lovely location, boasts 266 towering structures, contributing to its lively cityscape. The stunning Kuala Lumpur has the maximum number of skyrocketing buildings.


8. Australia

Melbourne, Australia

Australia has 140 contemporary, attractive tall structures that add to this lovely country’s beauty and blend cultural variety. The tall buildings add to the beauty of Melbourne, as it is known as the city with the most skyscrapers.


9. Indonesia

Skyscrapers Indonesia

The lovely nation is adorned with 130 buildings, demonstrating its fast urbanization. Jakarta is known for heavy traffic and being the city with the maximum number of skyrocketing buildings.


10. Thailand

Skyscrapers Thailand

Last but not least, Thailand has 124 skyscraper structures to brag about. Its expansion is clearly seen in recent modernization. The magnificent city of Bangkok is known for having the tallest buildings.

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