Meet Constable Sanghpal Tayde, Who Can Outmatch Many Top Singers In Bollywood

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Police are known for sending the criminals behind the bars. Moreover, a policeman usually gets famous for his heroic deeds either it is the encounter of a notorious criminal or solving a complex case. But Sanghpal Tayde, a constable of Jalgaon police got famous for different reason. The constable possesses a melodious voice which has now taken the internet by storm.


Constable Sanghpal Tayde- A New Singing Sensation

Constable Sanghpal Tayde

A few days constable Sanghpal Tayde was singing a song and his friend shot a video and uploaded on YouTube. The video got a huge response on YouTube and the constable became a singing sensation. In his 4 minutes long video he never gave us a single second of boredom. The melodious voice of the constable is keeping our attentions trapped.


Wanted To Be A Singer

Constable Sanghpal Tayde

Sanghpal told that he wanted to be a singer but the fate led him towards joining the police department. He joined police department in 2008 and he kept on singing for pleasure. His melodious voice got his recognition as singer Sanghpal in Jalgaon. To conclude he is not known as constable Sanghpal but people know him as singer Sanghpal. Now his voice has become his identity.


Fond Of Acting

Constable Sanghpal Tayde

Besides singing he is fond of acting and he tried to pursue his career in acting. So, he has already acted in many stage plays. He further told that nobody guided him towards singing he, he just watched in TV and started his practice and he has achieved perfection in it.

You can watch the video here.

Clearly, he is talented and that pleasant voice can give many top Bollywood singers the run for money. What do you think about this singer, Constable Sanghpal Tayde? Isn’t he melodious?  Share your thoughts in the comments.

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