17 Useless Things Only Super Rich Buy Which Are Ridiculously Expensive

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Some people never know the value of money. They don’t even know how it feels if there is no food to eat, no clothes to wear, no money to pursue education, no money to get proper treatment.

And I say the one who doesn’t know the value of these will never experience the beauty in life.

There is nothing wrong in spending money on the things we love but if you are spending money on utterly useless things then it means you don’t know the value of money. Today we bring out 17 ridiculous things that millionaires buy just because they have too much money.

Have a look.

1. The Most Expensive Gold T-shirt: $240,000


Datta Phuge, owns this shirt which is made entirely from gold. The extravagant top took a team of goldsmiths from Rankar Jewelers 15 days to complete.

”Phuge told the BBC. “Some elite people want to own an Audi or Mercedes, and have big cars. I chose gold.”

2. Lauge Jensen – The World’s Most Expensive Motorcycle – $850,000

Super Rich

This hand-built motorcycle gets sold for a staggering $850,000. Doesn’t it make us raise an eyebrow and wonder what exactly wealthy people are doing with their money? The bike, christened Goldfinger is plated with 24-karat gold and covered with 250 small diamonds totalling more than seven carats. And the seat is made up of crocodile skin and more than 850 of the bike’s parts are gold-plated. Nobody knows who the buyer is, or where the bike will be kept as Lauge Jensen declined to comment.

3. Rampant – The World’s Most Expensive Surfboard – $1.3 million


It is carved from a rare wood with a 23-carat gold lion motif. Till today no one knows who bought this. The board is made with timber from Paulownia which is a tree native to Asia and has a gold lion painted on with a red resin outline. The only information known is that he is involved in the pharmaceutical industry.

4. 22-Karat Gold Toilet Paper: $1.3 million


It is a 3ply toilet paper with 22 carat gold through the roll. Only one roll has been produced till now.

5. The Window From Where John F. Kennedy Was Shot: $3 million


This is the depository window where Lee Harvey Oswald supposedly shot John F. Kennedy, the 35th President of the United States. An anonymous person on eBay bought this window.

6. Spymaster Orcasub: $2 million Submarine


It is a submarine which can dive 2,000 feet below the waters and sports a life support system for 2 passengers for a period of 80 hours. The battery-powered sub is piloted by using two foot pedals and a joystick, and handles somewhat like an aircraft since it was built with the principles of flight in mind.

7. A lock of Elvis’ hair: $115,000


A lock of hair from Elvis Presley’s pompadour was sold for $115,000 in 2002. MastroNet Inc, the company behind the Internet auction, has made itself a little fortune selling the tresses of celebrities.

8. ATM In Home: Price Undisclosed


For NBA player DeShawn Stevens, driving to the bank was too main stream. He installed ATM in his house and it deducts $4.50 as fee every time he uses it.

9. 24 Karat Gold-Plated Bike: $470,345


From the tip of the drop handlebars to the ridge of the gear chain, a lustrous layer of 24k gold to the entire structure of the bike. Only 13 gold extreme bikes will be produced for the world market.

10. Hovercraft Golf Cart: $58,000


Ohio is the first to buy the Jetsonian device which can glide effortlessly across the surface of any pond. The hovercraft can cross all manner of terrain on the course and do it without damaging the green.

11. Glace Luxury Ice Cubes: $325 for a bag of 50


If you are very fond of the shape and size of your ice-cubes, then these ice-cubes are for you. These ice cubes are completely tasteless and help customers enhance their beverage experience.

12. Rotating Pods: $27,000


                                                                                                                                                              According to Born Rich, “Ornate Garden is offering ‘rotating pods,’ one of the most creative and most opulent outdoor living solution for gardens. These are the perfect seclusion getaways, which will let you find peace in your own garden.”


13. Dog Collar: $1.8 million


It is studded with more than 1600 hand-set diamonds on 18 K white gold attached to a crocodile leather collar. Just imagine how much ransom money the owner would be willing to pay if his precious pup were kidnapped.

14. The Bathtub: $227,955


Thousands of crystals applied with the end of a pencil covered in tac. This bathtub comes in different colour options, including gold, blue and green crystals. The bathtub artisans all suffered some mild injuries as they rolled their eyes while placing their three-thousandth Swarovski crystal on the side of the bathtub, holding their heads in their hands as they drew baths in their sad and cracked normal tubs after a hard day’s work.

15. Most Expensive Haircut: £15,000


Just to trim his hair, the Sultan of Brunei pays a huge amount to get a London barber. He has hired a private suite on a Singapore Airlines flight to carry Ken Modestou, who runs a salon at the Dorchester hotel in Mayfair, to attend to his hair and pays him £15,000 for one session.

16. Most Expensive Poker Set: $7.5 million


A frame made of 18-carat diamond and gold and 384 18-carat white gold chips embellished with rubies, white and black diamonds, emeralds and sapphires and 4 platinum-plated decks of poker cards.

17. The Gold Bullion Wireless Mouse: $36,835


The Gold Bullion Wireless Mouse operates on practically any USB-enabled machine and is coated with precisely zero atoms of gold film.

Don’t you feel they are spending money on useless things just to show off their richness? If you know any other thing which is ridiculously expensive and useless thing, then share us in the comments. You will be astonished if you know how much Nita Ambani spends every day on herself.

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