This Woman Went To 50 Surgeries To Get A Look Of An Angelina Jolie



We are all fans of different idols, actors and superstars. Some of us love them rather a bit too fondly, but have you ever been in love with your favourite actress so much that you’ve undergone multiple surgeries to look just like them? Yes, you heard me right, and Sahar Tabar crazy fan of Angelina, 19, answered yes to that question.

Angelina Jolie Crazy Fan

The young Iranian woman, nicknamed Sarah Tabar, aged just 19 underwent multiple surgeries- an approximate of 50, to look like her Hollywood Idol Angelina Jolie! She says that she is Jolie’s biggest fan and would do absolutely anything to look like her. We can see she was dead serious about the latter.


Plastic Surgery to look like Anjelina Jolie! 


After over 50 aesthetic surgeries, though, we may do well to notice that Tabar may not really look like her Hollywood idol. Although her enthusiasm was appreciated, many say she’s turned into Tim Burton’s famous cartoon character ‘Dead Bride’ rather than Angelina Jolie! The ‘Dead Bride’ is a character from the famous 2005 British-American animated musical fantasy film, ‘Corpse Bride’ by Tim Burton.



The transformation was particularly painful for Tabar. She mentions that she was also on a diet and lost about 90 pounds. Her aim was to stay at 40 kilograms for months. It is rather clear that Tabar is a huge fan of Jolie’s big eyes and lips.   After all her surgeries and painful methods to look like her worshipped idol, we wonder if this was what the 19-year-old wanted to look like. Many are arguing that she has not, in fact, gone under the knife and is simply using prosthetics on her face with a dash of make-up and contouring. Some even add the use of a few face modifying smart-phone apps to the list.



Tabar maintains a regular Instagram account where she posts her selfies, many showing her through her shocking body altering and face changing journey. Although she faced a sever backlash and harsh criticism, she has a strong fan-following with over 250,000 followers and her transformation story has gone viral overnight. Talk about taking ‘being a fan’ to a whole new level!



Whatever floats her boat! 

Are people starting to take their obsessions too far and losing their own image and beauty in the process?

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