The Most Colourful Cities Around The World You Should Visit

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Beauty is mostly defined as the combination of qualities, various factors like landscape, architectural style, cleanliness, peacefulness etc. Some colorful cities are known for food, nightlife and exciting experiences of the travelers, others have magnificent landscapes and natural wonders.


1. Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada

Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada

The Oldest city was incorporated in Canada in the year 1785. Saint John city is one of the most colorful cities and popular tourist attractions for it’s well known brightly coloured downtown row houses. Saint John is the city on the Bay of Fundy. The houses in the city of Saint John are brightly coloured to keep the attraction of the city bright even in the foggy weather. Jelly Bean is the nickname given to this city, which is one of the most colourful cities in Canada,  and it refers to the colourful houses in the downtown area. The oldest running farmers’ market in North America is Saint John Market.


2. Burano, Italy

Burano, Italy

Picturesque Burano is mostly known for the eateries serving from Sea Food Lagoon and for its brightly coloured fishermen houses. It is an island belonging to Venice in Italy, famous for its developments such as lace making and shops that sell lace products such as linens and clothes. It is also famous for butter cookies known as “bussolai buranelli”. The place is often visited by tourists for its famous canal city which is also one of the most colourful cities in Italy.


3. Chefchaouen, Morocco

Chefchaouen, Morocco

It is nicknamed as “Blue Pearl Of Morocco” nestled in the Rif Mountains of Northwest Morocco. The City is noted for the buildings in shades of blue founded in the year 1471 by Moulay Ali Ibn Rashid and its population according to the year 2014 was 47,246 approximately.

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