These Are The Famous Cities In The World Where Public Transport Is Free

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Public transport is one of the most effective and cheapest ways of traveling and transportation. Not everyone has their own vehicle and with the rise in population, the towns are developing and transportation becomes a necessity. Many places in the world have some brilliant and feasible public transport. However, there are few famous cities in the world where public transport is free. Surprising, isn’t it? Here we have brought to you some of the popular cities where public transport is free.


1. Chambly, Canada

Chambly, Canada

Since 2012, the Chambly suburb and neighboring towns on Montréal‘s South Shore have provided citizens with free public transportation. According to reports, this service not only helped to minimize traffic congestion on the roads but also helped to cut greenhouse gas emissions. As a result, an increasing number of people are taking public transportation.


2. Luxembourg


Despite the fact that several cities around the world have elected to provide people with free public transportation, Luxembourg began receiving this service on February 29, 2020. According to reports, environmental concerns influenced the country’s choice to begin and prioritize free public transportation. All buses, trains, and trams throughout the country will be free to board as of March 1, 2020 — the country’s largest area to implement free public transportation for both residents and tourists to date.


3. Tallinn, Estonia

Tallinn, Estonia

Tallinn, Estonia, began providing free public transportation in 2013, and reports indicate that it has been a huge success. According to reports, this system has prompted thousands of Estonians to register as city residents and take advantage of the system’s benefits, resulting in an additional 38 million euros in local taxes.


4. Avesta, Sweden

Avesta, Sweden

Avesta has been using the free public transportation system for the past eight years. According to sources, the decision to start providing free public transportation was taken primarily to encourage a greener mode of transportation. According to accounts, bus services have expanded by 200 percent since the transportation system became free.

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5. Dewsbury, UK

Dewsbury, UK

Since 2009, residents of Dewsbury have been able to use free public transportation. They take the FreeTownBus, a free bus service that stops at all of the major shopping districts. This service, also known as FreeCityBus, is available in various West Yorkshire towns and cities.


6. Perth, Australia

Perth, Australia

Perth also provides free transportation to its visitors. However, inside a restricted zone of Perth, free bus service is offered. As a result, people wishing to take advantage of the service must begin or complete their journey within that precise zone, otherwise, they may be charged for their journey.


7. Clemson, USA

Clemson, USA

The communities of Clemson, Clemson University, Pendleton, Central, and Seneca, as well as the federal government and the South Carolina Department of Transportation, have teamed up to support the Clemson Area Transit, also known as the CAT Bus, which provides free bus service. The service, which runs on eight routes, is said to have begun in 1996.


8. Samokov, Bulgaria

Samokov, Bulgaria

The free public transportation service was first introduced in 2006 for the elderly and students. According to sources, the program was expanded in 2008 to include all public transport passengers in Samokov. And, if stories are to be believed, the town of Samokov pays for the entire operation of the transportation service.


9. Mariehamn, Finland

Mariehamn, Finland

It is the capital of the autonomous island of Land, which is part of the Republic of Finland. The Mariehamn municipality, according to sources, provides free public transportation to visitors and residents. The service is operated by the Röde Orm business, which was founded in 2000.

These are some of the famous cities in the world where public transport is free. Were you aware of them? Share this information with your friends and family and let them know about it.

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