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3. Rifleman Jaswant Singh Rawat – The Hero Of 1962 Indo-China War


In the 1962 war, the soldiers were asked to vacate their posts due to heavy casualties but Jaswant Singh continued to fight. Jaswant Singh alone held the post and did firing from different bunkers. He killed more than 300 Chinese soldiers. Yes, he was the lone rifleman who opposed them.

When he sensed that he was about to be captured, he shot himself with the last bullet rather than be captured by the Chinese forces. He was posthumously decorated with a Mahavir Chakra. The Indian Army continues to treat Jaswant Singh with the fanfare of a serving officer and his shoes are regularly polished.


4. Major Ramaswamy Parameswaran – Even Though He Was Shot In The Chest, He Killed Enemy Soldiers


Seems “Bahubali – The beginning” movie war scene is inspired by these real heroes. After returning from the Sri Lanka operations, Parameswaran was shot in the chest. In spite of being badly injured, he snatched the rifle from the militant and killed him. Yes. this is the real incident, not the movie.

Even though he felt his own demise near, he continued to shout orders and command his soldiers. He continued motivating his soldiers because of which Indian soldiers killed 5 militants, and discovered two rocket launchers.

He was posthumously awarded the Param Vir Chakra, the highest military honor in India. Major Parameswaran did not get any compensation and honors because operations in Sri Lanka were considered sensitive and all political parties in the state openly opposed the deployment of Indian army units there at the time.


5. Major General Ian Cardozo – The Man Who Cut His Own Leg With Khukri After Stepping On A Landmine In 1971 War


In 1971 war with Pakistan, Major stepped on the landmine during the war, which led to the injury in his leg. When the doctors could not cut his leg, he cut off his own leg with the Gorkha Knife. Yes, and it’s not that everyone can do. He defeated many two-legged soldiers in spite of his physical injuries and became the first Indian officer in Indian Army to command an infantry battalion.

The list goes on and on. People treat movie actor and actress, cricket sportsmen as God who works and plays for money.  I don’t know how people treat them as God. If you are also one among them, then just analyze. Did they give you eyes to see, legs to walk? Did they pay for your education? Do they share your sorrow? No! Then don’t follow them blindly. Just watch a movie or match, and leave it. Know about these great personalities and take inspiration to lead a better life.

Let us salute to these brave sons of India for whom the country was the first priority. If you have heard any other similar stories of Indian soldiers, share us in the comments. Spread the bravery of the real heroes of the nation by sharing this with many people Do you? There are war wounded Indian soldiers who inspired many youngsters to join military.  Read here.

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