Bollywood Reacts Strongly To The Pulwama Terror Attack

Pulwama Attackvia

6. I Seriously Don’t Think People Remember This For Much Time Except Their Families And Soldiers. After Some Days, Media And People Will Stop Talking About This

7. It Is Very Disgusting

8. My Deepest Prayers Too

9. Deeply Saddened

10. Extremely Painful

Hatredness always take birth at home first.  It is very difficult to show off the real nature of such a person who acts to be a good person.

History says Britishers invaded India and made us slaves for 200 years destroying our brilliant education system that too systematically with a proper plan. But I say it is Indians who invaded India and let them destroyed our beautiful system.

Similarly, even this attack on Jammu and Kashmir, it is always insiders or I should say deshdrohis who support other countrymen by eating and living, getting all benefits from this country.

May God give strength to our brave soldiers’ families who lost their dearest ones.

What do you say about this deadly attack? Share us in the comments. Check out these stories of Indian soldiers who died for our country.

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