Most Bizarre Houses From Around the World That Has Insane Design

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Every person on this planet earth has a dream to build or buy a house. The term “luxury” is different from one person to person. For some people, luxurious life means eating delicious food every day. Whereas for some, luxurious life means living with all basic needs.

Some financially “super” rich people spend on the most insane mansions in the world. It seems, to these people luxury is a totally different term. After knowing these houses, you will say that those are insane.

Have a look!

1. The Pole House, Australia


Designed and built by F2 Architecture, the Pole House offers spectacular views in a very unusual way. The plot on which it was built is a steep hillside. The architects built a concrete platform on a 13-meter high pylon and they put the house on top. They also built a narrow concrete bridge which links the house to the hillside.


2. Tardigrade House, Berkeley


Popularly known as the “Fish House”, this microscopic tardigrade is the world’s most indestructible creature. It is earthquake-proof, fireproof,  flood-proof, and termite-proof.


3. The Steel House, Texas


This steel house looks like a giant work of art. Unconventional sculptor Robert Bruno started this project in 1973. Until his death in 2008, he worked on this amazing project, handcrafting everything with no outside assistance.


4. House of Stone, Portugal


Known as Casa do Penedo, the house was built in northern Portugal’s Fafe Mountains. It has bulletproof doors and windows, and a swimming pool. This is the house relies on a fireplace instead of electricity. Once used as a holiday home by a family, it has become a growing tourist attraction. The structure was built simply by putting 4 boulders next to each other.


5. The Slide House, Japan


Designed by Level Architects, The sliding house is one of the most fun and playful homes. It was designed for a couple with three young children, who wanted their kids to have lifelong joyful memories of their childhood home. The giant slide spans three floors and which is an integral part of the building.

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