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There is an eternal power controlling and driving this universe which even science can never understand that and can’t explain also. There might be several technological advances but still science can’t answer so many mysterious questions and science has to bend it’s head before the eternal power (God) in this universe. Even if you don’t believe in that supreme power, but after knowing these 5 bizarre coincidences, you will sure start scratching your head.


1. Uncanny Resemblance

Bizarre Coincidences1

In the above photograph, you can see Enzo Ferrari founder of Ferrari on the left who died on August 14th, 1988 and whereas to the right, you can see soccer player Mizzou Tazio who was born just a month later, on October 15th in 1988. Whether you believe in supernatural powers or not, these two incidents have an uncanny resemblance to each other.


2. This Is unbelievable and weird

Bizarre Coincidences2

There are several ship tragedies in the past and all the survivors of the ship tragedy had one thing in common. A ship sank on December 16th and only one person was left alive and his name was Hugh Williams. Again on December 5th 1767, another ship sank and 127 people died but one man survived and his name was Hugh Williams.

Yet again on August 8th 1820, a picnic boat sank near the river Thames and only one person lived and his name was Hugh Williams. Last but not the least, on July 10th 1940, a British boat sank and only two people could escape a man and his nephew both were named Hugh Williams.


3. Unbelievable Twins Death

Bizarre Coincidences3

At the age of 17 years, two brothers Neville and Erskine Abin died in a taxi accident. The bizarre part is that both died in the span of a year when both were riding the SAME BIKE. Erskine’s accident is occurred by the SAME TAXI that killed Neville too. And the taxi driver was also the SAME MAN who killed Neville too.


4. This Man Couldn’t Escape Lightning Even After His Death

Bizarre Coincidences4

A British Army Major named Summerford was stuck by lightening during the First World War and his legs got paralyzed. Later, he moved to Canada where while fishing, he was again struck by lightning which made the right parts of his body completely useless.

However, it took him two years to recover and again in summer, when he was walking in the park, the llightning phoned him again and this time he was completely paralyzed. He couldn’t recover and major Summerford died two years later. But still, the lightening didn’t leave him. Four years after the death, his grave was again struck by lightning and it was damaged completely. Isn’t it strange?


5. What Happened Between These Two Twins Is Weird

Bizarre Coincidences5

Two twins were separated at birth and adopted by different families who don’t know about each other at all. And to the surprise both families named the boy as James. Again, both boys entered law enforcement and one as a security guard and the other as a deputy sheriff.

Here comes the interesting past, both of them married women whose name was Linda. Both got divorced and remarried. Again both remarried women name was Bessie where one named his son James Allen the other also named his son James Allen. When they eventually met, they discovered the strange similarities in their separate lives.


This is really strange. Whether you believe it or not, there is supreme power in this world. Those who believe in god says that supreme power is god and those who don’t believe in god also should accept that there is supreme power ruling this entire universe at-least after seeing these bizarre coincidences like this. scientists that died because of their own inventions read here.

Do you know any other bizarre incidents? Did you experience any such incidents? What is your opinion on these incidents? Share us in the comments.

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