Only This Actor Agreed To Share The Stage With Sunny Leone

Sunny leone


Sunny Leone is no stranger to us. Despite having the language problem, she is still striding towards success in Bollywood. However, the path she travelled was not an easy one. People used to like her secretly. But, they maintained the distance from her on the social occasions.


People Looked Down On Her

sunny leone

Sunny Leone had left adult industry a few years ago. But the ill fame did not leave her. To conclude, she had to go through weird situations to grab her pedestal in the B-Town. In a recent interview she unveiled a past incident that happened with her in an award show.


A Weird Incident 

sunny leone

According to Sunny Leone, “I think there is some sense of curiosity. Plus, at that moment, there were probably many women who didn’t like me. I’m okay with that, I don’t really care. But it was weird to sit there, and I was sitting there for very long because they couldn’t find somebody to go on stage with me.”

Then Chunky Pandey agreed to share the stage with sunny. Undoubtedly, he knew how to respect and he earned our respect for this one.


They Had Negative Prejudice

sunny leone

There is no doubt it is the previous career of the actress that framed this negative prejudice in the mind of many women at that time. She also said that people do not want to change this prejudice. She continued,” I made really nice friends with people that I have worked with, and I know it sounds weird but where else am I going to meet people. I only meet people when I’m working with them. I’m not part of some social group or club so it’s not like I’m meeting people and what I find is that people get so weird and shallow that it’s not me that they want to get to know. It’s someone else”

Admittedly, the word “S*x” is exaggerated in our country. Moreover, everything related to this word is considered as dirty. But, it should be changed. And, we have respect for Chunky Pandey for his exemplary behavior. What is your opinion about this incident? Share your thoughts. Check more interesting facts about Sunny Leone here.

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