The 6 Best Way For Marketing Your Brand Through Videos

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Video marketing is the most effective and popular form of digital marketing. It is a great way to connect with customers on an emotional level and boost brand awareness. However, it can be hard to decide which video marketing strategy is right for your business with many options out there.

Watching a video of your business is one of the most accessible ways for customers to understand what you do. Letting them see why they should come to you for help instead of searching elsewhere will give them the confidence they need. And for this to be an effective technique, your video content needs to strengthen and build on your brand so that people have a clearer picture of what you’re trying to achieve and why they should come back.

Emerging out of the pandemic, 30% of marketers have stated that they plan on increasing their video production. That way, you’ll be set apart from all the others. But, in fact, you also have to keep in mind that good video content attracts the audience to your brand and can increase brand awareness.

In this article, we will cover the six best ways to market your brand through videos:


1. YouTube Ads

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The essential things to consider when creating a YouTube promotional video are the length of the video and whether or not you should have commentary. Videos that are less than 3 minutes yet have no analysis can be seen as outdated, so make sure your videos have short clips and live captured footage.

A recent study showed that the longer your videos are, the more attention users will give them. On average, if a video is over 2 minutes long, it’ll have 20% more engagement than if it was shorter. In our recent analysis, we found that videos under 3 minutes had an engagement rate of 70%, but this decreased substantially with the length of the video. For example, a video over 5 minutes long would have an engagement rate of just 15%. So videos under 3 minutes are your best bet to engage viewers.

Aim to keep your video as short and informative as possible. For example, if you are on YouTube, tailor your videos to show brief introductions of the product followed by the solution.

We’ve been focusing on the benefits of video ads, but it might be worth experimenting with different types of videos to find which ones work best for you. For example, short FAQ videos or educational videos can also be a good marketing tool.


2. Video Marketing On Social Media

Social Media Power

Marketing via Social media strategically engages with your target audience through several platforms, such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

Given the massive number of people using social media daily, marketers can’t afford to focus heavily on that platform for marketing. Campaign Monitor makes it easy for you to use social media in your email strategy- drag and drop the modules in and customize them to suit your needs.

If you want to grow your audience, a social media video marketing strategy is fantastic to keep the engagement you’ve already made on different sites. Unfortunately, despite the success of YouTube, it seems like social media users like to spend more time watching videos on Facebook.


3. Video Marketing On Blogs And Websites

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Our digital world has made it increasingly difficult to capture our reader’s attention. The first 10 seconds of your story are the most important, so make sure you hook them on the first impression. Finding everything you need on a website is crucial for a good user experience. These are when your visitor decides to look around more or go elsewhere. Research has found that blog posts of about 7 minutes are best, but recently lengths have been getting longer. A recent survey of 1,279 blogs by Orbit Media showed that web content over 3,000 words is most likely to result in positive ROI. The survey results revealed that blogs over 1,500 words are above average as far as ROI is concerned.

Readers are becoming increasingly accustomed to reading in only a cursory fashion. Use videos and other visual content to break up text within your blog posts and articles to combat this. To cut down on text and simplify messages, shorten sentences, be more concise, and add visuals. Videos are poignant for this. When readers are scanning through a lot of copy, they’ll often stop at the graphics. They’ll also skim-read the lines before and after to get the main points.


4. Filming Your Video At Any Big Event


We’ve all heard the horror stories of ugly, poor-quality speeches and presentations at industry events. It’s tough for the audience to sit through these long, boring speeches or presentations. The speaker has a tough job with a limited attention span from their listeners. If you notice that your audience is getting bored, playing a video can help to get them engaged. This can make for a much less nerve-wracking presentation experience.

Videos can be a great way to keep your audience interested. To create a video of a professional like yourself, you can use the best video slideshow maker to help you add different transitions, effects, music, etc., to your video to look more attractive to the audience. For example, the best speakers have been known to use videos during their talks to refuel their audience on the TED stage. Video editing is not a difficult job. These videos can even take care of a break as well.


5. Setting Up Target Audience

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Depending on the product you sell, your audience might be broader or more specific. For example, if you were a shoe seller, the audience would include men, women, and children. On the other hand, you might be more niche if you sell high-performance running shoes or are a sportswear company. Then your audience might only be elite athletes from 20 to 40 who either run a marathon or have expressed an interest in running. When it comes to marketing your product, it’s essential to understand your target audience and reach them across their preferred channels.


6. Include A Share Option On Your Video Player


It’s no surprise that we live our lives through social media; it’s all around us. And because we need to share information on multiple platforms, you must create videos that will be easily shareable across these channels.

There are various effective marketing tools that offer the ability to track and measure success while making it easy for you to share your video with an audience of potential customers. In addition, it will make it easy for viewers to share a link to the video without leaving the player.

You need to consider the type of content you’re putting out and ensure that what you’re doing will attract the right people. If it’s not a good enough offer, then you might as well stop wasting time and money on your marketing efforts. You also want that audience to recognize you for the things that make you unique from everyone else.

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