Six Reasons Why You Should Learn New Foreign Languages

Foreign Languages



Being mono-lingual or even bilingual is not bad but why stop with just one or two languages when you can learn more? Here are reasons why you must learn foreign languages:


1. English Is Not The Most Commonly Spoken Language

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You cannot just know English and assume that it’s fine to not know any other language. English is not the most commonly spoken language and hence you need to know other languages in order to communicate with people from all over the world. 


2. Broadens Your Career Opportunities

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Many companies have branches and subsidiaries in various countries. Hence, all of them look for people who know at least one foreign language. 


3. Helps You Understand Other Cultures 

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Once you learn a country’s language(s), language is no more a barrier and you can effectively learn about the country’s culture and ways of living.  


4. Allows You To Learn Your Native Language Properly

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I know this sounds strange, but learning a foreign language improves one’s language learning skills in general and allows the individual to pay more heed to his own native language.  


5. Allows You To Appreciate International Art

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If you know a foreign language, you can learn to appreciate the beauty of that language’s poems, movies, songs and more and not just stay confined to a limited number of languages.  


6. Helps You Expand Your Social Circle

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You just read this article and we hope we've convinced you enough to start learning a foreign language right away. What are you waiting for, get started!

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