Bespoke Vs Custom-Made Jewellery? Which Is Better

Bespoke Vs Custom-Made Jewelleryvia

When it comes to personalized jewelry, one often hears words like “Custom-made” and “Bespoke.” While these terms are often used interchangeably, there is a huge difference between the two. Whether you’ve just started building your jewelry collection or are an avid jewelry lover, learning what these terms mean and which amongst them is better is worth knowing. Let us know more about bespoke and custom-made jewelry!


Bespoke Jewellery

Bespoke jewelry

Bespoke jewelry is made exclusively for you. It is uniquely designed from an idea that will never be repeated. A piece of bespoke jewelry is like a bespoke suit or bespoke piece of couture, completely personal to fit your style and preferences. Bespoke jewelry is precisely designed around your specifications. Then, the diamonds and gemstones are sourced according to your design choice and preference. The final jewelry piece is created around your choice of stones to enhance the individual beauty and qualities of the stones. Bespoke jewelry is the most personal and flexible way to design a piece of jewelry that reflects your style most truly.


Custom-made Jewellery

Bespoke Vs Custom-Made Jewellery

Custom-made jewelry is the next generation of personalization in the jewelry industry. The process of building a piece of custom-made jewelry involves taking a piece of a mass-produced style of jewelry and adapting its components to add a touch of personalization to it. One can add personal touches to the metals, pearls, gemstones, etc., of the jewelry piece as per their personal color preferences. A popular way to customize a piece of jewelry is through adding name initials or a memorable date. This can be done through engraving or stamping. Custom-made jewelry, while not completely designed for your style, is a great way to add a touch of your taste to your blings. You can have a look at various stunning custom-made jewelry designs on this website.


Which Is Better?

Mellora Jewelry

If you are doing some gold jewellery online shopping and you want to personally design a piece of jewelry, bespoke is the way to go. Here’s why:


1. Unique Design

Since a piece of bespoke jewelry is designed exclusively for you, it will remain unique to you. Bespoke jewelry is distinctively designed for you, without any compromise, and will never be repeated. Custom-made jewelry involves choosing a mass-produced design of jewelry and customizing it.


2. Fits Your Style And Priorities

Bespoke Vs Custom-Made Jewellery

Bespoke jewelry is completely tailored to fit your priorities and is hence, a reflection of your true style and preferences. Custom-made jewelry, on the other hand, is not a personalized design, leaving you with limited options. Additionally, it may not necessarily be what fits your priorities best.


3. Participation In The Design Process

You can be a part of the design process of the jewelry from beginning to end. You can choose the metal as well as the precious stones. With modern technology, the designing process of bespoke jewelry has gotten even more interesting. You can now see the 3D design of the piece of jewelry on-screen and on paper to be able to visualize what the piece of jewelry would be like. Custom-made jewelry gives you less room to get creative and personalize the design.


4. Control The Finished Price

Bespoke Vs Custom-Made Jewellery

As you can choose all the components in the design process of bespoke jewelry, it allows you more room to control the finished price of the jewelry piece. In case the kind of design you are aiming for gets out of budget, you can always decide on the factors that you can compromise on or use an alternative to design your perfect piece of jewelry. When it comes to custom-made jewelry, there isn’t much one can do to control the price of the finished product.

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