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These Are The Things Women Think On The First Date

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The first date is considered to be memorable and exciting at the same time. Meeting someone for the first time, given the romantic context, could be stressful for many, as there is little or no idea about the likes and dislikes and expectations of the other person. To get away with the uncertainty of the first date to some extent, we have figured out the things that women want or think of on the first date. Here’s the list:


1. Things That You’ve Planned

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Remember, women actually notice the efforts you put into the first date to make it romantic and successful. Women appreciate the thoughtful efforts that you put in and not the extravagant cash. Just by taking the woman to a place, she is likely to love and getting her small yet thoughtful gifts, e.g., favorite flowers or chocolates would put you in a safe place.


2. Your Phone Usage During The Date

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Using your phone while you’re on a date would definitely be a turn-off for most women. Remember, women would prefer being alone instead of going on a date with someone who regularly uses their phone, ignoring the other person. If you can ignore that Instagram notification while conversing, it speaks volumes of your interest in the other person.


3. Complimenting Her

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Women usually dress up and make all the efforts to be their best on the date day; this includes wearing dresses or putting on a bold lipstick shade and what not. A simple compliment from you would reassure her that her efforts have not gone in vain, so you need to notice.


4. Showing A Little Bit Of Affection

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Women could look for a little bit of affection on the first date; this could include a hug or a kiss on the cheeks. It would help if you always asked to be sure of the same.


5. Punctuality

Dating Rules For First Date

Believe it or not, you need to be punctual for your first date. Most women think that arriving more than 15 minutes late would be taken as a bad sign. Therefore, you have to make sure you are on time for your date and not let her wait for you.


6. Manners And Politeness

Dating Rules For First Date

Most of the women are close observers. Therefore, your behavior towards the staff at the café or restaurant would be watched by the woman. It is important to be polite with everyone and treat everyone with respect; if it happens otherwise, women tend to lose their interest in the other person.


7. Safety With You


Dating could prove to be dangerous in a few cases, given the social setting or climate. Women would consider the fact if you make her feel safe and understand the concept of consent. Hence, make sure you are not too pushy; it could be taken as a bad sign by the woman.

These are not hard and fast rules that would guarantee success on your first dates. It is the connection with the other person, feeling safe and comfortable with each other that would essentially result in something long-term.

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