Bengaluru-Based Startup Is Producing Renewable Drinking Water Out Of The Air

Uravu Labs Drinking Water From Air

We witness the rise of the renewable revolution every day in the way we generate and use energy. For example, consider photovoltaic solar energy, which uses solar energy to create electricity or wind energy. However, aside from the power sector, the one industry where innovation is urgently needed now is the water sector.

Taking the need of the hour into consideration, Uravu Labs, a Bengaluru-based startup in the water technology space, is focusing on producing water from renewable sources in this regard.


Uravu Labs

Uravu Labs Collecting Water From Air

Uravu Labs is an ambitious endeavor started by Pardeep Garg, Swapnil Shrivastav, Venkatesh R, and Govinda Balaji. It has been using revolutionary technology to address the long-standing issue of the water crisis. It was an idea that Swapnil and Venkatesh had when they were National Institute of Technology students a long time ago.


How Did It Initiate?

Uravu Labs

One of the co-founders of Uravu Labs, Swapnil Shrivastav, claims that they came up with the concept of collecting water from the air out of necessity while they were still in college. Shrivastav informed the Indiatimes.

“In 2015, the river that was used to supply us water to our college dried up. And then our college authorities used to call tanker waters. And each student was ration just one bucket of water per day. So we thought, why not collect water from moisture? Maybe not for all your needs, but at least for your drinking water and cooking water, some of your critical needs can be taken care of.”

Shrivastav, who was already working on his thesis on the use of biological plants to treat wastewater, and his buddies made the decision to further investigate the technique, which is how Uravu Labs came to be.


The Project

Uravu Labs Water From Air

According to a press release from the business, their system employs renewable energy and atmospheric moisture to make drinking water. According to the business, by 2023, its technology would be commercially available and have applications in the hospitality, real estate, and beverage industries.

With the money, Uravu Labs plans to enhance its R&D, engineering, marketing, and business development teams in order to support its expansion and commercialization over the next two years. However, the idea of creating water from the air is not new. Uravu Labs asserts to have developed a renewable energy-based technology. Uravu Labs claims that a sizable quantity of electricity is typically required to extract water from the air and that this electricity is not necessarily produced from clean, renewable sources.

Glass of Drinking Water

The desiccant-based framework of Uravu Labs’ technology is used. A desiccant is a material that draws out water from objects.
The company used this technology to create drinking water devices, and it has a wide range of applications in mind.

According to the company, smaller machines with daily capacities of 20 to 100 liters can be used in office buildings, apartment complexes, and communal spaces in both urban and rural areas.

It was claimed that the beverage industry might use larger equipment with daily capacities greater than 10,000 liters.


Did They Sell Any Of It?

Glass of Water

The Grand “Water Abundance XPRIZE,” which had a $1.75 million prize, had Uravu Labs place among the top 5 competitors in 2018.

Uravu Labs now captures more than 1000 liters of water daily, compared to its initial production capacity of fewer than 100 liters.

While that might not seem like much, Shrivastav claimed that they charge a premium for the water and only sell it to upscale hotels, not bottled water companies.

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