How To Become A Casino Bonus Hunter? Find Out

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Most of us dream of winning the big bucks, and there are a few tips to make it a bit more probable. Having fun while waiting for it to happen is also something that most of us wish for because not all of us will win big, so at least the fun we can have while trying is good. The key to success is to avoid turnover requirements.

Most casinos offer their players bonuses in one way or another. Some are really generous, some are cheap, and some bonuses suit some players better than others. Players need to look out for the requirements of turnover, which can make a bonus that looks really good and ends up being kind of bad.

To be successful and to have a good time playing at casinos, you need to have some basic knowledge. You can learn more about casinos if you compare Indian casinos at GamblingTimes.


Casinos Without Turnover Requirement Decrease The Odds Tremendously

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The more you need to turn over your bonus before taking out your winnings, the lesser your chances of winning are.

What is the turnover requirement?

Here is an explanation of how the requirements of turnover work

  • You put 100 pounds in your gambling account and receive an extra 100 pounds in bonus
  • The bonus has a turnover requirement of 45 times
  • First, you gamble up your 100 pounds without making any profit
  • That’s when you start gambling on your bonus money
  • You need to gamble for 4500 pounds before you can take out any wins. 100*45=4500 pounds

This means that you need to keep your bonus money from going down to zero to keep playing and make a win. That is why a low turnover is crucial.


Stop Gambling In Time

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One of the keys to success when gambling is to stop when you are on top; it is quite easy to catch the game devil and to want more and more. That is a tactic that doesn’t work out; casinos will do their best to make you spend it again because that is how they make money. Make firm rules about stop gambling as soon as you have more than when your starter, and make sure to follow them.


Casinos Without Deposits

Casino Bonus Hunter

These casinos are not common, but some do offer a starting bonus without the must to deposit some cash first. If you do manage to find one of these deals, you will see that there always is a turnover requirement connected to it. That is okay because you have nothing to lose except some time, but hopefully, you enjoyed the game in itself.


Keep Track

Casino Bonus Hunter

To be a successful gambler, you need to keep track of your spendings and winnings to make sure you don’t lose more than you can afford. When starting gambling, you need to make a budget and stick to it; gambling is not a safe way to earn money. But it sure is a fun way to have the opportunity to earn a lot if you gamble wisely!

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