BCCI Requests ICC Not To Put India And Pakistan In Same Group



It seems the recent Uri Terror attack and the revenge ‘Surgical strike’ attack shivered BCCI president Anurag Thakur.

He will make a request to the ICC asking them not to place India and Pakistan in the same group at the Champions Trophy in seven months’ time so as to avoid the two teams from clashing.

BCCI today decided that India will avoid playing Pakistan even in multi-nation tournaments when taking their request to ICC




“I will be suggesting to the ICC that looking at the current situation between both countries it is not advisable to have India and Pakistan in one group of Champions Trophy as there could be situation like we had in India during India vs Pakistan T20 World game in Dharamshala where we had to shift the game at the last moment,” he said.


He added, “There could be security issues. So in order the organizers don’t face problems which we did during T20 World Cup, I will be suggesting to the ICC in our next meeting in October in South Africa that it will be better if we don’t have two teams in the same group.”




However, Thakur said, If the two countries reach the semi-finals and they have to clash at that time, it is another situation which can’t be avoided.

India is already not playing a bilateral tournament against Pakistan after Uri terror attack.

It's unclear about the match between India and Pakistan in 2017 Champions trophyindecision


Let’s see what happens!!!


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