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7 Bad Habits That Cause Weak Eyesight And How You Can Avoid It

Reasons and Remedies for Bad Eyesight

Weak Eyesight

In today’s world, every second person has issues related to sight and vision. While you may think spectacles look fabulous on you, it is essential to understand why you have to wear them is pretty serious. Our day-to-day lifestyle and habits contribute to the significant reasons for having weak eyesight. While poor vision comes due to the convergence of many factors, the top one being genetics, there are many other factors too. We live in a modern world surrounded by digital gadgets, and with increasing screen time, our eyes are bound to face some issues. Even some of our practices that can be avoided too are reasons enough for weak eyesight. Today we are going to talk about those reasons and their remedies. Here is a list of 7 things that causes weak eyesight and how you can avoid it.


1. Unnecessary Screen Time

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In today’s world, everything is based on computers, laptops, and smartphones. But we must remember that working for continuous hours on computers and laptops or reading and playing games on our smartphones can cause health concerns like blurry vision and bad eyesight. Therefore, it is essential to take breaks every once in a while and resume work.


2. Too Much Rubbing Of Eyes

Rubbing Eyes

One may wonder how too much rubbing your eyes leads to weak eyesight, but it worsens one’s eyes. Occasional rubbing can feel relieving, but chronic rubbing may lead to damages that could be irreparable. So rub only when required and wash your eyes with clean water every morning.


3. Lack Of Sleep

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Being a night owl is fashionable, but it can lead to severe problems if you do not sleep afterward. Spasms and twitching commonly occur when one does not get enough sleep. Therefore, giving your eyes a good amount of 6-8 hours of sleep is essential for smooth functioning.


4. Poor Diet And Low Water Intake

Eat Healthy While Traveling

To have optimum eye and vision health, it is essential to have a proper amount of nutritious diet. But, just like low water intake makes our eyes puffy and dry, no proper diet can lead to issues too. So eating your greens and consuming 2.7 liters to 3.7 liters of water is necessary to have a perfect vision.


5. Chronic Smoking

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Smoking is often associated with health issues like lung cancer or heart diseases, but we are unaware that chronic smoking can also lead to vision loss. For example, dry eye syndrome happens in people with an everyday smoking habit. What is interesting to note is that smoking can even lead to Cataracts. So now think before you take another puff.


6. Keeping Eye Unprotected From Sunlight

Unprotected From Sunlight

Did you know that sunlight can often be harmful to your eyeballs? Studies reveal that sunlight can significantly affect our vision by making them blurry and blind. It also leads to more significant concerns like cancer or cataracts. So as a shield, it is crucial to wear sunglasses or hats when the sun is at its peak.


7. Working In Dim Lights

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If you overwork your muscle, it gets weak, and so goes for your eyes. If you overwork them by sitting and reading or doing any chore in dim light, you are overworking your eyes, inflicting pressure and pain. To escape the fatigue caused by working in dim light for prolonged hours and not to weaken your eyes, please switch on that light!

These were some of the primary reasons that cause suffering to our eyes and can lead to their weakening. Hopefully, the remedies talked about can help you!

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