This Four-Year-Old Boy From Assam Is The Youngest Indian Author

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Whenever we hear this kind of news, we think of supernatural powers and exceptional genius. But our Vedas clearly says that, if the soul of the person does rigorous practice with love and dedication in previous birth related to a particular subject, then he carries that to next birth.

Indian Carnatic vocalist Balamurali Krishna gave his first full-fledged concert at the age of “eight”. Every person will have some unique skill that he carries from his previous birth. The task is you should make an effort to know what your unique skill is.

And when you know, you will be even luckier if you have supporting parents.

If we put spiritual talks aside, this 4-year old Ayan Gogoi Gohain possesses exceptional brilliance that he has earned the rare distinction of ‘Youngest Author of India’.

Ayan Gogoi Gohain’s book, ‘Honeycomb’ published by Authorspress Publications, New Delhi, is a collection of 30 anecdotes with 30 of his paintings. The toddler started painting at the age of one and began composing stories at the age of three. At four, he could clearly express himself in Assamese and English.

Ayan Gogoi is from Assam’s North Lakhimpur district and a student of St Mary’s School in North Lakhimpur.

The India Book of Records has bestowed the title on Gohain for his book ‘Honeycomb’ which got published in January this year. The book, priced at Rs. 250, comprises 30 anecdotes and accompanying illustrations by the toddler.



Gohain parents are based in Mizoram and toddler lives with his grandparents.

“He started drawing at 1 but could not speak until he was past 3. We thought he was aurally-impaired but were surprised when one fine day he began speaking in perfect sentences,” said her mother Sangeeta Gogoi Gohain, a yoga therapist on a long break.


Gohain said that he writes about everyday things that catch his fancy.

Toddler said, “I see what is happening around and write about it. It could be anything – a chat with my grandfather, or something new I just learned.”

The amazing journey of Honeycomb started when he began to address his insatiable love for words, colors, sounds, tastes, and sights with his keen observation.

Gohain considers his grandfather Purno Kanta Gogoi as his ‘best friend and ‘hero’.

“My grandfather inspires me to paint and write about new stuff every day. He is my storyteller, a rock star, and a football lover. He is my best friend. My Chocolate Man!” said Gohain.

Purno Kanta Gogoi, a retired bank official said, “He is a wonder kid. I remember he had once seen a rainbow and composed a poem, comparing its seven colors with the seven notes of music. Even the cover page of ‘Honeycomb’ was designed by Gohain.”

“Ayan has a passion for yoga. He likes watching cartoons, playing badminton and football, baking, and gardening. The four-year-old also dotes on his puppy, Oreo,” he added.

Ayan Paintings


Several litterateurs reviewed ‘Honeycomb’ including author and poet Dilip Mohapatra and what they said is, “This ‘Honeycomb’ is not just an intricate configuration of hexagon dripping of the sweetest of the nectar, but much more: it’s very alive and coming from a tiny tot, pulsating with creativity, colours and passion to bewitch you and make you wonder.”


Writer and story performer from North Carolina in the USA, Joan Leotta, said, “Ayan’s writing and his pictures show the exuberance of his youth. His elegant writing style and profound insights show him to be wise while still innocent. This is a book that adults and children will enjoy.

Every writer wants to write a book. Usually, they will have this wish bucket list at the age of 25. But, this 4-year-old amazing toddler fulfilled one of his wishes at the very young age.

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