Wife Killed Husband Anand In Honeymoon – You Won’t Believe This Deadly Marriage

Anand Murdered By Wife And Lovervia

A shocking incident has gone down in Pune, Maharashtra. Just after 7 days of marriage, a spouse killed her newlywed husband. Here are the tragic details of the terrifying murder. Diksha Anand was a beautiful bride, like any other, on the day of her marriage on May 26.

She danced and completely basked in happiness during the festivities. No one knew, soon, she was going to commit a horrendous crime.


Honeymoon Murder

Anand Murdered By Wife And Lover

The couple was going to Mahabaleshwar after seven days of marriage. This was on the occasion of their honeymoon. Little did the husband, Anand, know, this happy occasion is going to be the last few breaths he’ll take. The murder was premeditated, meaning, it was already planned out by Diksha and an accomplice. The accomplice was her lover.


Killing For Love

Anand Murdered

In the initial investigation, Diksha confessed that she despised Anand, her new husband. She was in love with someone else. The now-widow was having an extra-marital affair with Nitin Malkar, a Pune-based youth. She wanted to marry him. However, Diksha’s family did not approve of this relationship and married her off to Anand under pressure. They married her off happily but did not know there would be bloodshed and death.


The Shocking Details

Scary Ghost Stories

Furthermore, When en route Mahabaleshwar, the couple were traveling in a car. Earlier, according to the plan, Diksha told her husband she was sick. Halfway, she told her victim that she wanted to vomit. Anand stopped the car on the road. It was during this time that a group of men behind them on bikes got down and attacked Anand to death.

In conclusion, The crime has rocked Pune. The Satara Crime Branch has arrested the wife and her lover on charges of murder. What do you think about this incident? Let us know your comments below. Also, read this story where a girl brutally killed a villager for her love and trapped her father for the felony.

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