Ark Survival Evolved Beginner’s Tips For Surviving

ARK Survival Evolved Tips

Ark Survival Evolved is an exceptional survival game released in 2015. It has insane graphics and a visual experience, and a blend of historic animals with survival battle is one of a kind.

If you are a beginner at this game, this article is for you. Today, we will tell you some tips on surviving if you are a beginner. You can also visit Battlelog.co for more details.


Land In South

After you have finalized your character and chosen the server to begin, it is time to select your landing island. It is critical because islands are full of deadly things, and you will die within a few minutes of spawning if you are not careful.

For beginners, it is best to land on the south coast. The resources are abundant, and predators are negligible in the south. You will be at high risk if you land somewhere else. The first few matches will be critical for beginners.

Ark: Survival Evolved is different from other survival games. You have to be patient and careful in the beginning.


Gather Materials

ARK Survival Evolved Tips

In Ark Survival Evolved, you have to make your items. You need to forage different materials on the island to begin your adventure. Gather some rocks and woods. It will help you in making a pickaxe. With a pickaxe, you can mine rocks for making flints.

Once you have enough flints, use them to make an Axe. Keep looting to stay alive in this game. The five items you will need the most are thatch, stone, Flint, woods, and fiber. You can get fibers from the bushes in forests and beaches. Do not forget to make a pickaxe in the beginning.

Pickaxe will make your foraging easy and hunting smooth. Also, flints are essential for creating an Axe.


Hunt Dodo for Meat

Shade and raw Meat are the essential things you need to survive. In the beginning, when you do not have any weapons, you can only hunt Dodo. You can kill a dodo with a few punches. Extract the raw Meat and use it as a source of healing and nutrition.

Use the skin of the Dodo in slingshots and clothes. Do not go behind large animals initially, and it takes complex tools to take down a large animal. Stick with Dodo in the front to fulfill your needs. After you forge good weapons, start hunting large animals.


Use Blueprints And Engrams

To construct an item in the game, you need blueprints and engrams. The blueprints and engrams are recipes you can transform into objects. You have to gather enough things that are in a recipe. After that, you can make the items in the blueprints.

Blueprints are available in cargo drops, and engrams unlock as you level up. You can buy the blueprints once you level up using engrams. Making items in blueprints will improve your survival chances, and it has exceptional items that increase your efficacy in combat and survival.

But, the items that sometimes a blueprint needs are hard to find. If you are adamant enough, you can build an impressive display.


Taming Process

Taming an animal is an essential aspect of the game. After getting Meat and items, you should focus on taming an animal. Start with herbivores as they are easy to tame. You will have to knock out an animal to start the taming process.

But, do not harm your animal too much. Hurting too much will either cripple or kill your animals. You also have to sedate the animal while taming it, and you can use berries and narcotics for this purpose.

It will make your taming process safe and effective. If an animal wakes up during taming, then it will kill you. Always pack extra narcotics for this reason. Tame in cover to avoid ambushes of other players.


Ark survival evolved is a distinctive survival game, and it needs extra effort as animals are there in this game. Suppose you are a beginner, land in the south to avoid hassles. Keep gathering materials to make new items.

Collect blueprints to create premium-grade items to improve survival ability. Do not go after large animals initially, and Hunt Dodos to fulfill your needs of Meat and hide. Once you craft heavy weapons, then only engage large animals.

Be mindful while taming; pack extra narcotics. Always tame in cover to stay safe from ambushes.

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